Unnatural Shortage Of Sperm Count And Loss Of Male Virility 

For any healthy man, the average sperm count is anywhere between 120million to 350milllon, which could eventually decrease with age as the testosterone production decreases due to lesser needs. But if your testosterone count is decreasing before age, it is a serious issue that needs immediate attention, and proper handling of the situation under the supervision of a male fertility doctor could help.

The unnatural decrease in semen production could have one of the uncountable reasons, and it is getting common among men day by day. The primary responsible factor behind less semen production is the unhealthy lifestyle which needs to be improved through natural supplements like semenax for better physical and sexual health on regular consumption.

Medical Issues That Lead To Reduced Semen Production

Medical issues could either happen due to diseases or sometimes non-disease reasons too. Some common non-disease reasons behind lesser sperm count are

  • Retrograde ejaculation is a condition that is caused due to spinal injuries or prostate in which the semen, instead of getting ejaculated out, enters the bladder area, causing ejaculation problem.
  • Swelling of testicle veins responsible for draining the semen out could also lead to lesser semen count and could also be a painful experience.
  • There could be infection of testicles or sperm production because of internal inflammation, which can be due to virus-like HV or gonorrhoea, which could damage testicles.
  • Hormone imbalance is a very natural condition that could affect the production ate of testosterone. This imbalance generally occurs with age but could also get defected after some injury or surgery.

Besides this, there are also many disease based condition that can adversely affect semen production like

  • Prostate cancer, testicle cancer or tumours of the genital area could severely affect semen production. Not only that they decrease testosterone production, but they could permanently damage the testicles and lead to significant health issues too.
  • There are numerous genetic-based issues of genitals like Kallmann’s syndrome, cystic fibrosis or Klinefelter’s syndrome, which are related to typical impairments of male reproductive organs that can lead to defected semen production.

What Are The Solutions To Regain The Natural Semen Production Rate?

In order to regain your natural testosterone levels, you can go with supplements that are prepared with chemicals and synthetic supplementary items that are supposed to boost semen to unexpected levels in no time. But such supplements have many side effects related to them, and the forced production of semen could lead to even more significant damage to your body.

Therefore, one should always choose the natural way only because it does not affect it. Moreover, these methods have long-lasting effects, unlike synthetic supplements, which have short-lived effects and require regular consumption of the drugs for continuous results. Consuming natural raw food items for their health benefits could be challenging due to reasons like non-availability of various supplements in basic form or unsure information regarding consumption of most of the ingredients.

Hence, the most feasible choice is to take natural ingredients made supplements like semenax, which is a pill-based supplement that contains extracts of all-natural ingredients that could help increase semen production naturally. These supplements have zero to none side effects, and regular consumption of these supplements would provide promising results.

Under What Conditions Is It Permissible To Take Supplements?

It is possible that the low testosterone rate was due to some temporary condition that does not call for any medical attention or consumption of supplements. But if the semen count has been down for a longer time, you should consult the health expert and get checked for any serious medical condition.

One should take the natural supplements when the reduced semen production is due to hormone imbalance or similar non-serious medical situation only. Otherwise, one should avoid taking testosterone boosters and stick to the prescribed medicines only.

Low sperm count could also be due to the intense consumption of certain hard drugs or alcohol. Tobacco is a hard time enemy of testosterone, and regular smoking of tobacco cigarettes would eventually decrease the sperm count. Besides these, experts also say that often emotional and mental stress can also lower testosterone levels.

So, suppose the lower testosterone levels are due to the reasons mentioned above and not a critical disease or medical condition. In that case, you can include semenax pills in your regular diet, which will naturally improve the production rate in a month or so, depending upon the present count and the issues.

Identify And Verify Low Testosterone Levels

If a person is unsure of his semen production rate and wants to identify if they need help or not, then they can take the sperm count test or semen analysis test, which can either be conducted by an expert or through a home kit.

A male fertility test is essential for males who wish to conceive their partner and want to ensure a healthy pregnancy. The home kit would provide you with the results based upon the semen sample you provide. Before taking the test, know that the results may vary due to multiple factors like the time gap between the test and last ejaculation or food consumed in the last few days, any illness in the last few days etc.

Thus you might need to take a couple of test before confirming the actual sperm count under ideal conditions. However, you can notice low sperm count by reduced sex drive, reduced growth of facial and body hair or swelling or lump in genital areas.

Natural Ingredients That Make Semenax So Practical And Helpful 

A regular bottle of semenax consists of 120 pills supposed to be consumed in a month for best results that means four capsules a day. These pills mainly consist of plant extracts like epimedium leaf or horny goat weed, which inhibit the blockage of arteries. Besides, it also has other helpful ingredients like zinc oxide, L-Arginine, pumpkin seed extracts, Maca, vitamin E etc. All these natural ingredients will help retrieve your actual testosterone level that lasts for long.

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