Using Tadalafil To Treat COVID 19 Induced Erectile Dysfunction

Whilst scientists are still unsure as to how exactly the two conditions are interlinked, they do know that there is a link. It is believed that there are a number of different factors that may contribute to suffering from erectile dysfunction after a bout of Covid 19.


One of these could be as a result of inflammation. With Covid 19, much of the damage caused is done by the immune system and its response to the virus. It is often the case that Covid 19 triggers a phenomenon that is known as ‘hyperinflammation’. This causes small blood clots to appear, in addition to the inflammation of the endothelium – blood vessel lining. Both of these things have a serious impact on the flow of blood around the body, including to the penis. A good, strong blood flow is of paramount importance to be able to achieve an erection.

Not only that, but contracting Covid 19 can also make any pre existing heart conditions much worse, leading to the formation of an irregular heartbeat or inflammation of the heart. The medications used to treat these disorders, such as beta blockers, have the direct result of causing erectile dysfunction as a side effect. You can also check: CURAGE PARIS

Mental Health

In a recent study of thousands of Italian men, it was found that because of the stress, anxiety, and even depression that has been caused by being locked down for a number of months, there was a large proportion who were suffering with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. 

With being in the right frame of mind for sex is an important factor for getting an erection in the first place, it goes to show poor mental health is a cause for erectile dysfunction. As lockdowns continue and even begin to be introduced into more countries, then it is no surprise to see that the number of men having problems down there is on the increase.

If you have been or are currently in a state of lockdown and are struggling with the mental health aspect of it, then you may want to consider getting yourself an ‘over the counter’ treatment for erectile dysfunction in case it happens to you. Tadalafil is a medication that will help, which you can buy from Numan – a specialist online clinic for men.

Overall Health

With erectile dysfunction often being a symptom of an underlying health condition, it means that those men who are in poor overall health are not only likely to suffer with erectile dysfunction but also with Covid 19. Those same people who have cancer, diabetes, and respiratory problems are both at high risk from developing erectile dysfunction and from suffering badly should they catch Covid 19.

The Jury Is Still Out

Whilst it is clear to see from the above that Covid 19 can have an impact on erectile dysfunction in some men, there is still much more research that needs to be done in order to exactly identify where the relationship lies between the two conditions.

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