Vaping etiquette for when you’re in public

Ever walked down the street only to be hit in the face by a wall of fruity vapour?

If you’re a fan of e-cigs and vaping, it may not have caused too much offence. Maybe you even appreciated their taste in e-liquid. But for others, this is unpleasant and unappreciated and is usually the result of poor vaping etiquette.

What is vaping etiquette?

Whilst vaping is certainly a healthier and safer alternative to smoking, it doesn’t mean it’s fine to do wherever you choose, and that’s really where vaping etiquette comes in.

Vaping etiquette is the common-sense surrounding vaping. The rules may be unwritten, but for the most part, many vapers appreciate what not to do when it comes to enjoying their favourite Cloudstix, such as:

  • Not vaping indoors in public spaces
  • Not vaping in crowded places
  • Avoiding exhaling vape clouds in the direction of others
  • Not vaping around children and pregnant women
  • Basically – being respectful

But if you’re brand new to vaping, you may be unsure about how best to use your device, especially when it comes to vaping outside your own environment. So to help avoid any awkward exchanges with aggrieved passers-by, here are some of our top vaping etiquette tips to keep in mind.

Follow the rules of your environment

It may sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised at how many vapers believe the rules don’t apply because they’re using a vape device instead of cigarettes. So, rule number 1 here is to always be respectful of the rules, wherever you are at that time.

If you can’t do it with a cigarette, then the chances are the same applies to you and your vape, usually meaning:

  • You cannot vape indoors
  • You can only use your vape in well-ventilated areas

Other than these lawful rules, there are plenty of other unofficial ones to consider, such as:

  • Never vaping downwind
  • Never exhaling towards someone else
  • Keep a good distance between you and others in the area
  • Remember – just because you love your new e liquid, doesn’t mean the person next to you will

Be respectful

In the absence of any official rules, in areas such as outdoor beer gardens, for example, it can be all too easy to vape to your heart’s content without a single thought for anyone else.

So, rule number 2 is – be respectful.

Whether your friends smoke, vape or none of the above, the chances are, they probably don’t want to be contending with endless clouds of vapour. So, just consider the space around you and reposition or distance yourself a little more where necessary.

Consider the timing

This may not apply to every type of vaper, but if you’re a lover of big impressive clouds, the timing surrounding when and how you use your vape device matters.

Whilst you’re unlikely to be thanked for it if you’re walking amongst a large crowd of strangers, creating billowing clouds of vape, there are of course times when this may be appreciated. In the right setting or amongst like-minded enthusiasts, you may find yourself being encouraged to vape even more, so just consider the timing when it comes to how you use your device.

It’s simply common sense. . .

Whether you want to show off your skills by creating incredible clouds, or you’re just really keen to taste your new favourite e-liquid, there’s really never an excuse for ignorance.

The good news is that whether you’re brand new to vaping or not, none of our etiquette tips are things you didn’t already know, so if you feel you could be doing a little better, start by considering the above points. Friends, family and strangers alike will thank you for it.

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