Variants of dog bowls that are used the most

Dog bowls are used for feeding the dogs. Earlier, people were feeding their dogs by keeping their food on the ground and giving them water in any utensil or taking them to the ponds. Now the time has been changed, and people prefer dog bowls for their dogs. There are so many types of dog bowls in the market as you have to keep so many factors in your mind to buy a bowl that will be convenient for your dog breeds. For example, a Goldendoodle water bowl may not suitable for a large breed..

For buying a bowl, you first need to measure your dog and check the amount of food you are serving to them. The types of dog bowls which are available in the market are double diner dog bowls, elevated, slow feeding, and so on. These all are functional bowls. The bowls which are commonly used will be discussed below.


The plastic bowls are the simplest ones. These bowls are very common as so many people buy this for their dogs. These bowls are very inexpensive and are very easy to carry. The dog can even play with these bowls. These bowls come in so many different shapes and sizes; you can buy one which you find is suitable for your dog and you can take care in pet store. Before buying these bowls, you have to keep one thing in mind that if your dog is a voracious eater, then he might throw the food anywhere and push the bowl, and the food will drop on the floor. Be aware of the harmful bacteria which your dog will get by scratching the bowl. You should always clean the bowl after your dog has finished the meal and also take care of the scratches on it.

Stainless steel

The stainless steel dog dishes are another inexpensive option for buying the feeding bowl for your dog. These bowls are good in quality and will also go for so long which means it has good durability. Plus, these bowls will never break when it is dropped off from anywhere. These bowls come in so many sizes, and shapes and these are also very lightweight and are inexpensive that anyone can buy them.

If we compare stainless steel bowls with plastic bowls, then a stainless steel bowl is a better option as it will never break, and the dog can never get any bacteria from the scratches. Plus, these bowls also come in a non-skid rubber outline variant which helps them to not slide on the sliding surfaces, and the dog will not be able to move them here and there.


Some people don’t like stainless steel bowls because of their shapes and looks. Ceramic is another option for which you can go after stainless steel and plastic. The ceramic bowls are so much heavier than steel and plastic bowls; your dog will be unable to push them and play with them. But, there is a demerit that these bowls will break if dropped on the ground.

The ceramic bowls come with a coating of a non-bacterial layer of a kind of medicine that will protect your dog from bacteria. These bowls can be easily washed by the hands or in the dishwasher, but you have to be a little careful about that. These bowls come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors, and you can buy them from any superstore.


With the upgrading generation, automatic bowls have also been introduced in the market to ease the people. These automatic bowls have so many features in them like the bowl will automatically refilled with the food, which has been spilled out by your dog. These bowls contain so many functions and can be changed into different sizes according to the amount of the food. These automatic bowls can be very convenient for the owner of the dogs as you have to do nothing; everything will be done by the bowl. You just have to put food in it and wash it, but washing it is a bit difficult, so take care of it.

Raised dog

The raised dog bowl is for the large-breed dogs, which are big in size and eat food in a large amount. These raised bowls are designed as those dogs need not have to bend their neck so much that they can be able to eat food by just bending their neck a little as the height of these bowls is set according to that. There are so many forms of raised bowls, and most of them come with a stand as the bowl should be on a level above the ground. These bowls can be of removable stainless steel and plastic also; it is dependent on the people’s choice.

If you are going to buy a dog bowl for your large-sized dog, then make sure that you should buy a bowl which should be according to the amount of food your dog eats and it should not be that big, which will make it difficult for you to clean it. These bowls are so big that you can feed two little dogs in just one bowl.


The slow feed dog bowls are one of the preferable bowls of the people. This is because most of the dogs eat very fast, and they will get a problem of a dog bloating in which their stomach twists and the problem of megaesophagus, in which the food is eaten by the dog stuck in the esophagus of the dog because of eating fast. For those conditions, these slow-feeding bowls are used so that they will not eat fastly. Some of the slow-feeding bowls have a feature of separating the food into two parts and breaking them into smaller pieces. This will create a puzzle in the mind of the dog, and he will not figure out how to eat food fast.


Talking about the types of dog bowls, then there are so many of them. For a variety of breeds of dogs in the world, there are a variety of bowls. Some of them are discussed above, which are Plastic, Stainless steel, Ceramic, Automatic, Raised dog, and Slow-Feed. A person should choose the appropriate bowl for his/her dog, which is suitable for the dog.

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