Video editing tips & tricks for beginners

Video editing is as imperative as shooting a video or film. Video editing gives you more options to be creative and enhance the quality of your video. When you start to learn video editing, it can become a little infuriating if the process does not go well as you expect. However, if you are a Mac user, you can find various applications in video editing for Mac, specially created for beginners. Video editing is not a simple job; it requires skills, experience, patience, and time. Some applications may seem complex to you, while others may seem super simple.

Being a beginner, there are some of the basic tips and tricks that you can follow to keep the learning process easy and simple. We have come up with some of the easiest tips and tricks for beginners. These tips will help you understand the concept of video editing in a simpler way. You can follow these points to improve your skills and knowledge in video editing. Besides, if you are an macOS user looking for video and audio editing for Mac, which is easy to understand and effective, you have arrived at the right place. You can apply these tips in all formats, including documentaries, fiction films, personal vlogs, etc.

  • Get Your Hands On The Right Software

It is the first and basic steps and one of the best tips to start with video editing. It is highly important to get hands-on the right tools before starting the editing of the software. However, the most popular and simplest software for video editing for Mac is Filmora. It is a famous video editing tool specially designed for editors who want to edit premium-quality videos supporting 44k videos. Other than that, it is one of the highly affordable tools equipped with advanced options, including adding effects, styling, etc. It permits users to add animations, insert texts, etc.

  • Use A Suitable System

We are not done with the right software, here is more! A suitable system with hardware is required for smooth editing. There are various budgetary computer brands or models that you can buy for apt video editing. As long as the system works fast, the software runs appropriately. You can also invest in an SSD, a storage drive that will allow you to access your data and software quickly. It also Vlogr’s Video Speed Controller up the process of transforming, exporting, and loading times. Besides, to shorten your editing process, you can also increase the RAM to at least 8 GB.

  • Read Video Editing Guides And Watch Tutorials

YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms to get access to various video editing tutorials.  Most of the tutorials present online are free of cost, and it is one reason, it is the best tip one can follow. You can also watch tutorials on how to do auto reframe in video editing. Besides, various software is available, and each has different tutorials and ways of editing. Therefore, once you find the apt software, watch its videos, and practice the basic editing.

  • Maintain A Workflow

It is important not to get consumed with the editing process. You should organize the process most systemically. One of the best ways to maintain your workflow is by managing your projects and data in the folder to use it again time by time. Another way you can work faster and conveniently is by using external hard drives for storing the video to free up the computer memory when needed. Experts suggest that you choose hard drives connected to the system via USB for faster transfers.

  • Choose Good Music

Video editing is not all about visuals, audio or music is equally important, and it should be as good as your video is. If you create a drama video, you would want to hit the right song or instrumentals to set up the mood accordingly. If you do not know where you can access music, there are various music providers online where you can find free music as per your preference and set up the mood of the video. However, choosing a video can sometimes be a tough job, so if you shoot something pre-planned, select the music that suits the video and make it look appealing and sound to your clients.

  • Export Video From Web Version

Once you are done with the video editing for Mac, export it from the web version for the best resolutions at the highest quality. If the resolution decreases, its pixels will be broken, and it would not look pleasing and premium-quality. So, when we talk about exporting it from the web versions, the foal maintains the quality. However, if you are unsure about it, the tip websites like Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo have settings that suggest size and resolution options.

  • Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the best tips to consider when it comes to learning digital marketing. Keyboard shortcuts make the work easier and convenient for the video editors. If you are video or audio editing for Mac from Filmora, there are various keywords you can learn. However, the keyboard shortcuts depend on specific software. It helps the editors speed up their work and increases productivity. For example, if you want to select a particular text in the video, it is better to do Ctrl + A instead of holding the mouse. Other than that, knowing the right keyboard shortcuts allow you to direct the task in a suited manner.


You can follow the tips mentioned above and tricks to produce high-quality video content. However, when it comes to the easiest software for video and audio editing for Mac, Filmora is one of the most effective macOS software that works best with amazing features. Some of the best features of Filmora include audio editing, video stabilization, visual effect, speed control, GIF support, motion tracking, color grading presets, dark/light modes, noise removal, and many more. Once you master this software, you can easily move forward with the advanced editing process.

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