Video Game Review:The Heist

Heists stories have captivated American audiences since the earliest days of American civilization, ranging from the train robberies of the Wild West to the bullet-riddled bank heists of the Great Depression with the likes of John Dillinger and Bonnie and Clyde. The folklore of these audacious capers continue to be captured and immortalized on the silver screen quite regularly in films like Point Break, Heat and even more recently in heist flicks such as The Town, Fast Five, Inside Man — and who can forget the crafty robbery intro of 2008’s The Dark Knight?So of course, it just stands to reason that eventually someone would get around designing a game based solely around a bank robbery.

Theme of the Heist

Well look no further, because the makers of PayDay: The Heist brings you a downloadable first-person online shooter game very much in the playing style of the zombie shoot-em-up game Left 4 Dead, with a few more additions in the way of strategic elements. PayDay gives you and three friends the opportunity to slip into a criminal persona and introduce a little anarchy to the established order. In short, if you and a few of your buddies are looking to get into a bit of  ultraviolence, then PayDay: The Heist may be just the game for you.

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With a name like OverKill, don’t look for this game to be thick with plot or storyline. PayDay is a bullet hail free-for-all that allows you (and your crew) the chance to step into the combat boots of a well-trained group of hi-tech thieves as they attempt to pull off the heist of the decade, with high-intensity robberies: First World Bank, Heat Street, Panic Room, Green Bridge, Diamond Heist and Slaughterhouse.

Default of the mission

The natural default of the missions (that sounds so much more noble than robberies, doesn’t it? But who doesn’t love the chance to play bad guy from time to time?)…ahem, as I was saying, the “mission” difficulty will escalate in order of the level’s difficulty, from lowest to highest. Two levels, however, can be accomplished with all four difficulty options (easy, normal, hard and overkill). These are First World Bank and Heat Street.

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