Want to Boost Morning Productivity - 8 Food Items to Try Today

We all want each of our days to be productive. However, some days we don’t feel the productivity flowing in. We feel sluggish and unable to concentrate on any work. Such days can weigh on us for long as we may feel guilty for not putting in our best work.

Not being productive can be a side-effect of not having a healthy lifestyle. When we eat processed or junk food, it impacts our brain. Thus, we are unable to function or focus on work or even at home.

When you eat a diet, which is full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and more you are fueling your brain to work at full power. It helps with creativity and the energy to complete every task well.

Morning Complete combines prebiotics, probiotics, and green superfoods which contain the nutrients which the body requires and provide you with more energy and feeling refreshed.

Here are few food items that you should or can consume to clear your brain and be more productive at work.


Most of you already consume at least 2 cups of coffee a day. Right? It is our go-to drink for increasing our alertness, alleviating our mood, and enhancing our productivity. When you drink your cup of java with the goodness of Nespresso pods, you are intaking dopamine. It boosts your mood and you can focus better on work.

Also, the caffeine in it blocks adenosine, making you feel energetic and more productive in your work. If you are looking for a quick way to brew your morning coffee, do buy coffee pods online and a single-serve machine.

Brown rice

Carbs have a bad reputation for increasing your weight. However, crabs are essential for fueling our brain and making it work 100%. Brown rice is one grain that has a high count of good carbs. In addition to this, it also contains manganese, selenium, and magnesium, which help with energy metabolism, providing blood to the cerebral cortex.

It provides the brain with glucose and fiber, ensuring that it has enough fuel to continue working without crashing later. Eating brown rice is essential because it is easy to cook. Many recipes include brown rice, and you can get a meal out of it within minutes. You can also try a new type of carbs, which works as great as Brown Rice, the new scientific resistant starch, learn more about Muniq and its benefits.


A delicious fruit that is high in antioxidants. Researchers believe that blueberries are great for bloating and fighting off hunger pangs. One more thing which these fruits can help with is improving cognitive ability in people.

If you are feeling sluggish or unable to focus on a task, eat a few blueberries. It will increase your attention span and help you focus on completing the task better. Try to eat berries in their original form, instead of using them in cakes or pasties (that will never help).


Not many of us are fond of this green-leafy vegetable. However, it is the best food to include in your diet to ensure that your brain remains strong for a long-time. Spinach is full of iron and other minerals, which aids in developing your motor skills and learning capacity.


Every time you eat an Avocado, you are decreasing your stress level and having a productive day. It has healthy fats for your heart which decreases cortisol levels while increasing your intake of Omega-3. They help to reduce your stress level and give you a chance to have a productive day.

Try these Avocados recipes to enjoy the benefit this delicious fruit provides us all.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are a must snack item that you should always keep in handy. There are days when you cannot sleep properly. Lack of sleep can cause irritability and frustration, which ensures that you will have a bad day.

However, snacking on these seeds can control these feelings as it has amino acid, which converts into serotonin which controls feelings and energy levels.

Keep a bowl of sunflower seeds in your room/office. Munch on them, especially on days when you didn’t get a good night’s sleep.

Greek yogurt

It is a lip-smacking snack or even breakfast. It has a type of amino acid that helps enhance your behavior and mood. Eat it as it is or with a bowl of berries.

Green tea

Mental fatigue? Drink green tea. It has catechins that calm your mood and relaxes your body from stress. The other advantages increase in metabolism and glowing skin.

Our brain works non-stop. Therefore, it requires the right fuel to ensure that it is perfectly working. Otherwise, you will always be one step behind from accomplishing your goals.

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