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Online videos are becoming more popular today. The number of people viewing these videos or posting them on their social media platforms has increased. If you desire to save the online on your device or get products like instagram reels download then this is the best article to read. You will learn or know ways how you can download the online video. Also, the apps or procedures you can use to get the videos. Continue with its article to know how to download online to your device.

  1. Find A Downloader App

Today, you have several apps you can use to download online videos. All you need is the procedure on how to do this task. First of all, you’ll have to download and install the app. Then, locate the online video you want to save and press the three dots menu. You will get different options when you press the three dots menu, such as ‘copy link.’ Click on the copy link and open your app. The app can automatically detect the copied link and start downloading the online video. You can find this video in your downloads tab.

  1. Use Online Video Downloaders

Apart from using the apps, you can also download these videos directly from the internet. Some websites provide free online video downloads. The websites will help you a lot because you will be able to download these videos without watermarks. The first thing is to compare the websites that are provided. This way you will choose the best because there are a lot of websites you can use. After selecting the website, you have to know how to download the video. Open the site from any device you’re using and paste the link. Some websites will download the video automatically, and some will wait for you to proceed with the download.

  1. Use Your Screen Recorder

These are the most accessible option you will use in saving these videos. Because of the advance in technology, most devices are designed with that inbuilt screen recorders. To record or save this video, you have to start the screen recorder before playing the video. Note that the screen recorder will record everything on your screen. Therefore, it is essential to edit the video before using it or posting it. If your device does not have a screen recorder, some apps can help you with the task.

  1. Save It To Watch Later

You can permanently save the video to watch later, no matter what social media platform you’re using. Open your social media platform and locate the video you want to save. All you need to do is watch the videos first before clicking the three dots menu and pressing save. Other options can also help you download these videos without using apps and websites. You can also always use ‘add to story’ features that will allow you to save the video on your device. This mostly works for the people who want to repost the video.


If you save this video by adding to story features, you can go to your profile and search for the saved videos. However, if you use an app or a website to download the videos or find options like instagram reels download, you have to concentrate on finding your best. The above is some of the ways you can use downloading videos to your device.

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