Ways to Improve Your Internet Experience

As much as we rely on an impressively fast internet connection and think of it as a blessing, there are times when it gives us a headache too. When is that? Every time we see a wheel spinning round and round in the middle of watching our favorite season on Netflix, or an internet disconnection sign popping up during an important zoom meeting. In this covid time uses of Zoom web meeting has increased about 200%. Also, people are using a Zoom teleprompter to get the meeting more useful. We can feel our blood pressure rising, pupils bulging and veins dilating. The anxiety and frustration seem to keep building as minutes pass yet the internet lag continues. RCN internet users are likely to bypass such circumstances since the internet speed and reliability can be trusted not to cause any trouble. Apart from subscribing to a stable and trustworthy internet service provider, you can do more to ascertain a smoother internet experience, free from glitches or slowdowns. None of us wants to go through the pain of slow-loading websites or stuck Facebook accounts failing to refresh. So, why not implement these simple yet amazing tips to remove any bumps in the way of seamless internet connectivity? Check them out!

Suitable Positioning of Internet Router

First thing’s first. Find out the most appropriate location for your router. It should ideally be a spot that is away from any electronics messing with the signals. Place your router somewhere in the center so that the signals can spread uniformly, leaving behind no dead zones. The right positioning of your router will boost signal strength and overall network performance.

Installing Antivirus

If you do not have antivirus software or malware scanners in your computer or other internet-enabled devices, then it is about time you do. It is obvious that any virus or malware sneaking in and infecting your system will drag down your internet speed. A virus-infected computer will become annoyingly slow and result in loss of data. A good quality antivirus will save you from any such hassles.

Clearing Cache

When we visit different websites, our browser saves that information often in the form of cookies. These cookies help digital marketers for some software like PC Cleaner get useful insights regarding the online habits of the users and come up with better marketing strategies. Nonetheless, you should get rid of these cookies by clicking on the “clear the cache” option present in your browser. This will block the online ads from following you online. Clearing the cache regularly will prevent any unnecessary accumulated information from slowing down your internet connection.

Blocking Ads

No matter where you are wandering online, you will be followed by online ads, GIFs, and automatically-playing videos, etc. Though they might not disturb your online activity much, they surely can affect your internet speed. Therefore, it is best to block them using any of the effective ad-blocking plugins. Now, the heavy auto-playable videos won’t bother your internet connection speed.

Making Use of Ethernet

We all use Wi-Fi more commonly since we often browse the web on our smartphones or iPads. However, you must know that a wireless connection is not always fast enough. Ethernet, on the other hand, proves to be a much faster and reliable option. Rather than relying on over-the-air signals that might get distorted by any physical object or electronic device around, choose a cabled connection like Ethernet that transmits internet signals directly to your computer. Thus, Ethernet is a more secure and faster option as compared to Wi-Fi connectivity, with minimal chances of fainted or lost signals.

Switch to Another Provider

If you feel that your internet lag continues and none of the aforementioned tips seem to create any noticeable difference, then it is better to run a speed test. This way you can find out whether your internet provider is delivering the speed that you are paying for. If yes, contact your ISP straight away and report the issue. If it is not resolved and the slow-speed internet connection becomes a nuisance, then it is high time you switch to a high-tier plan or change your internet service provider altogether. Do your background research of the best internet providers in your area and choose a suitable plan with a promising internet speed to suffice your connectivity needs.

The Bottom Line

The aforementioned hacks can work wonders and help improve your internet speed to a considerable extent. These simple hacks are easy to implement and can save you from any unnecessary slowdowns. After all, with a faster internet speed, life seems more pleasant and less stressful, so why not use these tricks to make our internet experience even better? If the slowing internet speed becomes a routine, then it might be the right time to switch to a better internet service provider or upgrade to a high-tier internet plan ensuring a faster speed.

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