Ways to keep your expensive jewellery safe during the pandemic

Our lives have been turned upside down since the COVID19 pandemic began last year and nothing seems normal anymore. In fact, our usual ways of living are long gone and the new normal is here which requires us to live in fear and absolutely caution. Washing hands was never this important but now it is as if our life depends on it. So is wearing a mask. It is hard to believe that these habits were of little importance just a year ago but today they are as important as breathing.

So while we adjust to this new normal, there are other things that often cross our mind and leave us confused. With this constant hand washing and sanitizing, the virus is definitely washed but a lot of our jewellery gets damaged in the process too. Also, if not taken care of properly jewellery can be carrier of the very virus we’re trying so hard to fight. This is something no one has focussed on but is quite a concerning issue considering the fact that we have spent a considerable amount of money on our jewellery.

So along with our hands, here are a few ways to keep our jewellery safe during the pandemic as well.

  • Avoid if possible

First and foremost, it is simply best to avoid wearing too much jewellery for starters. Since you will constantly be coming in contact with soap, warm water, etc. it might end up damaging your jewellery. So if possible, wear minimal jewellery items, especially on your hands.

  • Clean your jewellery

It may be imperative to wash your hands often, but simply ribbing your hands on each other does not guarantee that your jewellery is clean. It needs individual cleaning procedures. Jewellery on the hands such as rings, bangles and bracelets can collect a lot of bacteria, Lab grown diamond rings especially. If you take them off while washing your hands and then wear them again, you might get your hands contaminated again. To prevent this, on regular occasions, soak your jewellery in warm soapy water. Rub it with a soft-bristled toothbrush and wash in clean water; preferably boiled and then cooled. This will help to decontaminate the jewellery.

  • Avoid sanitizer on jewellery

Most effective sanitizers are alcohol-based. They can break the molecular structure of the metal in jewellery and discolour the stones leading to irreparable damage. So avoid using sanitizer on jewellery at all costs. If you are into the habit of applying sanitizer on your hands every now and then absentmindedly, then probably it is best that you do not wear jewellery on a regular basis.

Tips to clean your jewellery

  • You can use dishwashing soap or regular soap to wash jewellery.
  • Always use warm water and soak it in for a while.
  • Scrub lightly. You can use a brush or a Q-tip
  • Air dry, wipe dry or use a dryer.
  • Be very gentle, especially with gemstones.
  • Hidden halo engagement rings can be cleaned very gently with a paintbrush as well.

There is a constant threat lurking around us that our health might be compromised, but while trying to salvage that we need not lose on other valuables too. If you are on a vacation to any exotic beaches, try to avoid wearing expensive jewellery. These few tips can hopefully help you to keep you jewellery and consequently your health safe.

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