5 Cool Wedding Floral Advice for Couples

2022 largely saw the return of pre-pandemic wedding scenes, with many people happy to say “I do” in front of their loved ones and the people who are most important to them. If you are thinking about having a wedding in 2023, you are in for a treat because there are lots of trends that emerged in 2022 and some we think will dominate 2023. You can expect many personalized wedding trends and non-traditional wedding trends to emerge as more people get wed. Here is our prediction for the top wedding trends you can expect in 2023.

Micro Weddings

Even though many people feel comfortable traveling right now, many are not, and this is why we have seen brides and grooms only invite a select number of people to their weddings. There is also the cost of the wedding to think about, with millennials increasingly looking to reduce their spending on things like weddings.

Then, there is the increasing cost of living, inflation, and a looming recession that is making people think carefully about where and how to spend their money.

All these reasons combined make us think that we will see more micro weddings in 2023. Micro weddings are those that have 40 or fewer guests. They can have all the elements of a traditional wedding you expect or even be individualized according to the couple — the key difference is that they will have fewer guests.

In addition to the cost savings the bride and groom can take advantage of, micro weddings allow the wedding to be more relaxed and for the couple to focus more on their family and closest friends. The bride and groom also spend more time during the main ceremony and at the reception compared to a bigger wedding.

If the couple has the budget, they can spend a bit more money on each guest. The guest will then have an even better experience compared to what they would have had if there were more guests as would happen with a bigger wedding.

Inspired Wedding Receptions

Most wedding receptions have been the same for decades. The reception is held in a garden or similar location, the parents, the best man, and guests give their speeches and then the newlyweds have their first dance. There is nothing wrong with this arrangement unless you are looking for something different.

Many couples are looking into a different type of wedding reception, and that typically entails changing the location. Instead of hosting it in a garden or hall somewhere, couples are increasingly considering inspired locations like yachts and boats.

A wedding reception on a yacht is very memorable because it stands out among all the other wedding receptions guests have previously attended. You can also visit different locations on the yacht which adds a new dimension to the wedding and the wedding reception. If you are looking for a different type of reception, try a wedding yacht rental and give your guests a memorable experience.

Candid, Natural-looking Photographs

In the early days of social media and Pinterest, a lot of people added filters to their photographs to make them stand out. It was not unusual to see sepia-toned photos on Pinterest and Instagram.

People seem to have moved from this style and trend, with most photos we now see online looking more natural, bright, and airy. These photos focus on softer lighting and a lot of different poses. In the wedding industry, the latest trend is candid photographs shot under a lot of natural light and with as little tone shift as possible.

Additionally, these documentary or editorial-style photographs do not care for perfection, instead using mixed poses and focusing on imperfections. Couples no longer care about looking perfect but instead want their wedding days to be shot as naturally and as accurately as possible, even if that means leaving some not-so-good photographs in there. Doing so minimizes interruptions, allowing the couple to focus on being present on their wedding day.

Blur-motion photography, which is meant to capture movement, is also becoming more popular, and so we can expect to see a lot more wedding photographs shot in this style in 2023.

Softer Wedding Themes

When you think about it, weddings in the past decade or so have been dominated by stunning aquas, bright coral tones, deep purples, and different shades of red. But many couples have started looking at white and black as neutral colors that lead to softer wedding themes.

White and black lead to a unified color palette throughout the wedding. Also, black and white bridesmaid dresses can help the bride’s dress stand out without the wedding party having to follow the color palettes of past years or decades.

Apart from monotone palettes, you can also expect to see mismatched bridal dresses. It has always been common for bridesmaids to wear dresses of the same cut and style. Many couples are giving bridesmaids the freedom to choose their dresses, as long as they can keep to the colors and theme of the wedding.

Seeing bridesmaids in dresses of different patterns and styles is refreshing and allows bridesmaids to show off their personalities.

Slits on Wedding Gowns

We started seeing slits on wedding gowns on runways a few years ago. Now the trend is taking off, and we are starting to see brides choosing dresses with high slits. These slits are done tastefully and less playfully like you would see on evening gowns, for example.

Designers are adding slits to A-line silhouettes and ball gowns. Because of how they are done, especially in ball gowns, the slit is undetectable unless the bride decides to pose with one leg in front of them. Because of this transformation, wedding dresses with high slits can be seen as two dresses in one depending on how they are worn and how the bride poses.

Sustainable Weddings

Sustainability is a big topic right now, and we can expect it to also feature in wedding planning. Brides have been arranging their weddings to minimize their impact on the environment as much as possible. This means we have been seeing the reduced use of single-use plastics in weddings.

Sustainable wedding floristry is also becoming more popular, with brides thinking about different ways they can use the flowers used in their wedding.

For example, the wedding bouquet can be used as part of the flower arrangement for the top table. The use of artificial flowers in place of flex blooms is another way to make the wedding more sustainable while also saving some money.

Lastly, we have the menu where eco-friendly menus are becoming more common. Ethically and locally sourced food is a trend to keep an eye on, with couples looking to reduce their waste as much as possible.

Bespoke Lighting Options

Even in cases where couples are looking to ensure their wedding is as sustainable as possible, there is no getting around to using lights, especially during the wedding reception. Couples are, however, turning to bespoke lights to not only keep their carbon footprint low during their wedding but to also provide their guests with a unique experience.

We have seen options like candles and low-hanging, low-energy bulbs used to produce an intimate and interesting ambiance. Wedding photographers are also using soft lights as backdrops for photographs to make nighttime wedding photographs look more intriguing.

Other lighting trends we have seen and that we predict will dominate 223 include twinkly fairy lights, lanterns on low-hanging branches, and outdoor lights. The aim is to provide an intimate, close-knit, and relaxed setting, especially for micro weddings.

Curated Wedding Wardrobes

A wedding wardrobe consists of all the outfits the bride wears when they are engaged and during special events. Some of these events include the engagement party, rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, bridal shower, and others.

A curated wardrobe provides a cohesive look, so the photo albums show the progression from engagement to the wedding reception. While brides can choose any outfits they like for a cohesive look and story, many are choosing white outfits and accessories. These should be cohesive and fashionable, working together to create a narrative.

TikTok Will Dominate Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

TikTok has grown to become an indispensable tool for brides planning their weddings. We see trends on the platform all the time, and brides who want to know what is happening in the industry can log in to the app to do so. In many ways, TikTok has replaced Pinterest in this regard, mainly because the latter is a video platform where it is easier to showcase things.

We can expect to see more people using TikTok to plan their wedding days in 2023. This will start with finding the right vendors and venues to finding the best dresses and accessories. We can also expect many brides, especially Gen Zers, to turn to the platform for wedding ideas and inspiration.

Wedding trends change all the time, which means you have the opportunity to pick the ones that work best for you and make your wedding day the best it can be. Knowing these trends is also important for wedding planners as it will help them understand what to expect when planning weddings in 2023.

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