What Are Amazonian Magic Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms have varying degrees of potency, with a few species sitting on top when it comes to the level of “trip” they deliver. Even among a group with excellent strain, the Amazonian magic mushroom edges ahead in terms of yield, aesthetics, and potency.

Today, we will talk more about this potent and beautiful morsel that has been the talk of the shroom community for some time now. Stick around if you are just as curious about it.

Amazonian Magic Mushrooms

Similar to its cousins, the Amazonian magic mushroom delivers psychedelic and hallucinogenic effects. However, unlike most of its peers, it deals a heavier “high” per dose and can be tough to handle for inexperienced users.

The Amazonian shroom, as its name suggests, hails from the Amazon jungle, where it’s often found growing in rich soils and horse dung beneath dense canopies. Due to the species’ acclimation to high humidity, it is unlikely to grow in an environment that doesn’t match the conditions of its original location.

Nevertheless, the Amazonian mushroom can grow and thrive immensely in its safe space. It is known as one of the most prolific producers of magic shrooms due to its stronger and more robust mycelium layer. The layer’s fortification is responsible for how quickly it spreads within the soil.

The Amazon shroom’s fast rate of production often comes as a surprise to beginner shroom gardeners. As the mushrooms grow in size, their whitish stem expands into a brownish cap with occasional little white patches. The cap eventually forms into a nipple-like structure.

The formation of the “nipple” indicates the shroom is nearing peak ripeness. Once the caps open, the shrooms can be harvested. This would be the perfect time to collect shrooms, as it is when they are the most potent.

What Do Amazonian Magic Shrooms Look Like?

One Amazonian shroom quality that sticks out more than anything is its beauty. Granted, you could change your mind after taking a bite of the morsel on account of its high potency. Nevertheless, its beauty is there to be admired.

These shrooms have large, dense white stems that turn a bluish color when pressed gently. Their golden-brown caps are large and resemble the domes of cathedrals built in the Dark Ages.

Like all dried-out mushrooms, the Amazonian also significantly reduces in size. That’s because they are made up of roughly 90 percent water. While wet Amazonian mushrooms offer quite the zinging treat, they are more widely available dry due to transport.

Amazonian Magic Shroom Potency

As previously mentioned, Amazonian shrooms are among the most potent of their cousins on account of their high psilocin and psilocybin content. The combined effect of these two psychedelics is what leads to visual and auditory hallucinations.

The effect is milder in common magic mushrooms, but it takes a entirely different level in the Amazon-borne species. The blueness of the stem should give a user an indication of the shroom’s potency. Note that the darker the blue hues are, the “trippier” the mushroom’s delivery.

Amazonian Shroom Effects

The highly-potent Amazonian shroom is second to none in the ways that recreational drug use matters. The duo of psilocybin and psilocin influences serotonin levels, leveling up the mood and heightening the senses. As it makes its way to the thalamus, it prompts the organ to create hallucinating sounds and visuals.

Generally, a moderate dose of the Amazon shroom gives a mild psychedelic effect that is a little stronger than what a regular shroom user is used to. A larger dose, which is typically something that exceeds two-and-a-half grams, would produce very strong hallucinations.

What’s great about the Amazonian magic mushroom is its versatility. However, more experienced recreational drug users who are typically able to handle relatively powerful kicks might enjoy it more.

Enhancing Your Amazonian Magic Mushroom Experience

The conditions in which one takes psychedelics have a huge bearing on their overall experience. As such, you want your Amazon shroom sessions to take place in a comfortable environment. You should be able to achieve a “safe high” in a secure environment with sober people keeping an eye on you.

That said, more than relying on other people to keep you in check, you should practice responsible drug use to keep yourself out of trouble in the long run. First-timers shouldn’t go beyond a 0.75-gram dosage for the initial dose. Should a beginner want a higher dose, they may take it a couple of hours after the first.

Also, always remember that effects don’t last. Depending on the dose, you might feel the impact of the drug from anywhere between three to 12 hours.

Should You Take Amazonian Magic Mushrooms?

In general, taking magic mushrooms requires a little bit of research and some understanding about the “sacred herb.” With the Amazonian shroom, it’s especially crucial to understand its level of potency before welcoming it into your system.

Additionally, if you are looking to grow some in your garden, you would have to get a thorough education on the ideal conditions to grow them in. Doing this ensures that you won’t be setting yourself up for failure.

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