What are the advantages of air cargo services?

Air Cargo Services In Dubai

There has been a sharp rise in the demand for air cargo services, especially in Dubai.As Dubai becomes a business hub the rise of air cargo services is steadily rising.it  is very much in demand today as they offer many additional valuable services which making trading around the world relatively easy. Previously most of the goods used to be sent via transport services like rail, road or shipping. But now with the rise of air cargo services, it has become easier to send goods safely and on time to any part of the world in a shorter period of time. If you are someone who is looking for air cargo Companies in dubai, all you need to do is type in your query on the internet, go through the wide range of air cargo companies providing freight services, and choose the company whose deliverables suit you the best!

So you want to send a package to someone that lives on the other side of the planet, and you need it to be delivered as soon as possible? Are you perhaps wondering how you can get your parcel delivered at lightning speed?

The answer to all your questions is the same: Air Cargo Services. You might be wondering what an air cargo service is. Well, an air cargo service, also known as air freight, is a service that deals with the international freight transportation of express shipments across the globe. It consists of airmail, air freight, and air express. It is one of the fastest ways of transportation of goods internationally. However, it is also an expensive form of goods delivery as it has always been a high cost-to-weight form of shipment.

You might be wondering what the advantages of air cargo might be. The following are the advantages of using an air cargo service:

  1. Speed and Efficiency

Air transportation is the fastest form of transportation (apart from, of course, space travel). Not only can a long-distance be covered in a short time, but it also allows goods to be transported in remote areas where there is an accessibility problem. Therefore your package gets delivered faster than conventional transportation services.

  1. Highly reliable arrival and departure

Most airlines tend to follow a rigorous schedule. Therefore, there are almost no delays when it comes to transportation. You can rest easy knowing that your package will be delivered in time.

  1. Accessibility

 With the advancement of air travel, many airlines have formed an extensive network of destinations covering almost the entire world. In simpler words, it means that an air cargo service can pick up a package from any place on earth and deliver them anywhere, and that too at lightning speed. Thus, whether across the other side of the world or the country, air cargo shipping is the convenient and fastest method.

  1. Lower Insurance Premiums

Air cargo can be an expensive option. However, you will be saving a lot of money on insurance costs. Since the goods are in transit for a shorter period, you have to pay less insurance premium; therefore, Air cargo insurance premiums are lower than other forms of transportation. Thus, even if air freight can be expensive, this brings about savings in terms of lower insurance costs.

  1. High Security

If you are planning to send expensive products like jewelry or paintings air cargo services are the best option for you. The airline industry offers very high security to prevent theft in transit. Air safety controls of cargo are strictly managed; therefore, your items are delivered very safely and with care. This also reduces the risk of theft and damage as special care is taken for the items shipped by air cargo services.

  1. Warehousing and Stocking

 As your goods are in transit for a short time, you won’t need to look for warehouses nearby. However, if you do have to keep your interests in the warehouse, it won’t be there for long. Stocking won’t be a problem as you won’t have to keep things in stock. Customs clearance, cargo handling, and customs inspection is a very efficient process and takes a few hours. Therefore, your warehousing and stocking process is pretty much eliminated.

  1. Less Packaging Required

Air shipments require less packaging than other forms of shipment. You will be conserving a lot of time and money on packaging. As mentioned above, air shipments are handled with care, so you have to worry about the structural integrity of your package.

  1. Tracking

The best part of air cargo services is the tracking option. You can sit from the comfort of your home and check the status of your parcel. In a way, you get to see your package make its way to the recipient.

You may be wondering how air freight charges are calculated. Well, there are certain factors that are considered while calculating the costs. They are as follows :

– shipment type (Size, shape, and weight of the good, special requirement for certain packages)

-destination (international airport or local goods only airport)

-speed ( at which speed the delivery is required)


-surcharges and customs duty/taxes.

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