What Are the Benefits of Using Compression Gloves

We keep our hands busy all the time – they are used in both small and essential activities. This is why experiencing pain in this part of the body also brings a great amount of inconvenience.

An example of this is Arthritis, commonly occurring in adults over the age of 65, but can also affect younger people. The first form of treatment that would come to mind for this is medications, but there is one more thing that could give you relief.

Compression gloves, specifically called Arthritis gloves, are designed to provide support to your hands and alleviate symptoms of arthritis. Keep reading for a detailed discussion about what it is and its benefits.

How Do Arthritis Gloves Work?

These gloves make use of compression therapy and heat, which works by applying evenly distributed pressure over a swollen or painful area. This method provides support to the veins by squeezing and helps increase blood flow.

Therefore, compression therapy helps with arthritis mainly by improving blood circulation. It prevents blood and other fluids from accumulating thus reducing inflammation, soreness, and stiffness on the affected area.

Benefits of Using Arthritis Gloves

Ease of Use and Flexibility

Just like any other gloves, you just need to slip them on and you’re good to go. You may use it throughout the day as you go on with your daily tasks, preferably during ones that trigger your arthritis.

You can ultimately choose when, where and how long you will wear them. Some people prefer wearing it while they sleep to induce better sleep quality.

Provides Pain Relief

The pain that arthritis brings can range from mild to intolerable, depending on how much you use your hands. For people with jobs that require lots of handiworks, this is a big hindrance. Arthritis gloves help soothe fingers and joint pains.

Improves Blood Circulation

As mentioned in the previous section, the pressure from the gloves aid in increasing blood flow and reducing soreness. This also lessens the possibility of blood clots forming. However, for this to be effective, you have to ensure that your gloves are of the right size.

Gives You More Range of Motion

Another notable disadvantage that arthritis brings forth is the limitation of movements. Using arthritis gloves helps with recovery and will provide your muscles and joints enough support to produce force for your tasks.

Consequently, it can also help you with your grip.

No Known Side Effects

As opposed to medications, wearing arthritis gloves does not have side effects such as drowsiness or dizziness which makes it easy to commit to.

Final Thoughts

Compression Arthritis Gloves offer relief and convenience. If used correctly alongside your prescriptions, it would help a lot in handling your symptoms. Remember to get one that fits you well and gives you the most comfort possible since you’ll be wearing them for hours.

It is recommended to wear them for 8 hours per day for maximum benefits. Wearing them during the day will give you support during your activities while using them at night will help you sleep without pain and wake up less stiff the next day.

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