What are the best cheap adjustable dumbbell sets

If you’re on the hunt for the best dumbbell brand in India for your home gym or walking exercises, make sure that they’re of good quality and will last longer than the warranty period. There are countless varieties, sizes, shapes, and weights of dumbbells. Some of the affordable options come with adjustable features, while others come with racks for easy storage. Adjustable dumbbell sets are essential fitgears for workouts as they are simple to use and are truly multipurpose. In summary, we think the dumbbells we are reviewing are suitable for you, won’t break the bank, and will last for a long time.

Buying guide

There are certain things to be considered for buying the best dumbbells in India.


As you know, there isn’t just one type of dumbbell you can choose from, so you will need to choose between fixed and adjustable dumbbells. Fixed dumbbells are more common and are typically found in generic gyms. This dumbbell has only one solid part that cannot be adjusted, so the weight will never change. Dumbbells with adjustable weights are ideal for home gyms and for people who enjoy working out at home. You can increase or decrease the weight by adding multiple weight plates on either side of the dumbbell.


Before buying dumbbell sets, you need to see the materials used in their making. The available material types are rubber, vinyl-coated, metal, and urethane.


The weights of the dumbbell sets can be chosen based on your requirements. If you are a beginner, go for 3-20 kg dumbbell sets.


The price of the dumbbell sets is based on the material and weight you are purchasing. Usually, the price of adjustable dumbbell sets ranges between 1500-15000/- rupees.

Five best adjustable dumbbell sets in India

1.Dolphy Chrome Iron Adjustable Fitness Dumbbell Set

These Dolphy 20kg chrome iron adjustable dumbbell sets are for the old school iron weight fans. It’s a fact that iron dumbbells are more durable than any other dumbbell. The grips are firmer than expected during heavy workouts. A few people, however, may find it difficult to change the weights or tighten the screws. This is a fine option for those who don’t want to use five different dumbbells and will not be able to afford a premium adjustable dial dumbbell. In my opinion, these are the best dumbbells for home gym India.

2.PowerMax Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell Set

If you want to increase the weight of your exercises, you can get the Powermax fitness 50 kg dumbbell as an alternative to Dolphy 20kg chrome dumbbell. Fitgears and treadmills manufactured by the Powermax brand are some of the best in India. I’ve found limited negative reviews for PowerMax dumbbells about them slipping, peeling away, eroding over time, and breaking down. Those who like the colour and weight plates design can go for it. Furthermore, you are likely to be convinced after viewing the product image.  In conclusion, if you want to set up your home gym with the best dumbbell brand in India, take a look at these.

3.Reach Carbon Adjustable Dumbbells

Creating a dumbbell option that is ergonomically adjustable for different weight requirements is an affordable option. It consists of chrome-plated weight plates that can be adjusted from 2.2 to 11 kilograms. This dumbbell is designed so that it can easily be stored rather than having different weights requiring five times the space. This dumbbell features a non-slip handle grip that makes it easier to exercise with restraint and comfort. Additionally, the pin lock technology makes it easy to change the weights. The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty for this dumbbell. Finally, this is the best dumbbell brand in India in terms of affordability and design.

4.KAKSS Exclusive CAST Iron Adjustable Dumbbells

They include 2.5kg x 4 plates, 1kg x 4 plates, 2 dumbbell rods, and 4-star shape locks for varied workout routines. For maximum durability, the weight plates are made from cast iron. The chrome handles feel secure, non-slip and firm. During workouts, these adjustable dumbbells with connectors offer great versatility. As a result of their compact design, they are easy to assemble and take up less storage space. This is the best option if you are looking for the best dumbbell set brand in India at an affordable price.

5.Durafit Adjustable Dumbbell Set

Durafit – Strong, Stable, and adjustable dumbbell set has a comprehensive range and a low price, making it the only dumbbell you need. In red, it looks stunning. The dial mechanism seems to work quite smoothly. A reasonable price and international quality will not be easy to achieve. Because of this, the price of the product is still digestible.

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