What are the best places in Tokyo for gamers?

Japan attracts more and more tourists : if some go there to see the cherry blossoms and the temples, others are attracted by the country star of entertainment, home of many video games and animés. If you enjoy gaming, here are some selected locations for you in Tokyo.

For casino lovers

Do you know pachinko? This kind of slot machine between pinball and one-armed bandit is typically Japanese. The player throws small metal balls and has to collect as many as possible. Take advantage of your stay to try them. Casinos have been allowed in Japan since recently, so they are all very modern and will blow your mind! An experience that is worth a stop. In Tokyo, go to the Maruhan Shinjuku Toho complex where you will find a casino with over 1000 machines. If you want to dedicate your time to other visits, consider the online casino Japan for your evenings at the hotel, watch some episodes of the animé Gmabling School or play a browser animé game. If you like sports betting, visit the Omiya Velodrome in Omiya-Ku, Saitama, where you can watch cyclists race around a 500-meter track.

For gamers of all kinds

Often on several levels, the game stations are a jumble of shooting games, driving games, dancing games, arcade games of all kinds, pull tab machines filled with plush toys, surprise balls or chocolate bars. In these playful Ali Baba’s caves, you will discover a game you like ! The star of these rooms, Taiko no tasujin is a must of the percussion games where for 100 yens the players try to follow a rhythm in a duel with chopsticks. Sweats guaranteed ! Sega club or Taito Game Station attract a considerable number of visitors. And if you are not attracted by the noise and the lights, it is perhaps the reception of Sonic which will push you to go there to make a game or two !

For collectors

Right next to the Nakano subway, the Nakano Broadway shopping mall is a real time capsule. Among the fifty or so stores specializing in collectibles, there are several rare video game oriented stores. In Akihabara, known as the Electronic Town district, you can find myriad second-hand video game stores and giant stores like Sofmap. On Odaiba Island, go to the DiverCity mall and enjoy the stores dedicated to video game culture, including a virtual reality space. You’ll a also see a giant Gundam !

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