It’s no secret that movie streaming services have taken over the entertainment world. In fact, a recent survey found that more than half of American adults now subscribe to at least one streaming service. So, if you’re looking for a new movie streaming service to try in 2022, which one should you choose? Here are our top picks for the best streaming services in USA!

1. Netflix

Regarding new releases of original movies, Netflix is now unrivaled. Viewers can take advantage of Netflix’s superb apps, features, offline mobile downloads, physical media rental options, free mobile games, high-quality original programming, and ad-free streaming. The top plan’s support for high-end streaming specifications boosts the service’s appeal.

Being the industry leader in streaming video services, Netflix boasts the highest number of high-caliber films of any streaming provider, excluding its original productions like El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie and The Irishman. It offers a remarkable variety of content, with newer works often replacing older ones. Then there is Netflix, which consistently adds top-notch, original programs to its library, surpassing the selection of other streaming services.

For those prepared to shell out top dollar, Netflix is a premium service. Not for the first time, Netflix has increased the cost of its subscription packages. A less expensive, ad-supported version is additionally being developed.

However, some of the drawbacks of Netflix are that it is pricey, never offers a free trial, and provides little to no information concerning changes to the content’s availability. 

2. Hulu

The movie selection on Hulu should appeal to mainstream audiences looking to see well-known films. The service does not, however, provide the best technical experience. Despite this, Hulu is renowned for its excellent TV series selection, a wide range of live TV channel options, robust cloud DVR feature, and availability on almost any media streaming device.

Given its wide range of streaming alternatives, Hulu is among the greatest all-in-one choices for cord-cutters. Along with living TV and on-demand streaming, movies are a significant component of its content catalog.

Sports and Disney movies are nice, but Hulu offers sophisticated entertainment for adults that is sorely lacking from those other platforms. The Disney package makes the most of Hulu’s film library. Disney+ and ESPN+ subscriptions are also included in this reduced collection.

The drawbacks of Hulu include the fact that its free on-demand plan includes commercials, that a premium account is necessary to use the offline downloads function, that there are fewer high-quality originals available than on other services, and that most SportsNet and Bally Sports RSNs are absent.

3. Disney Plus

Classic Disney and Pixar animations, as well as high-profile Star Wars and Marvel films, are all included in the Disney+ movie roster. Disney+ is a fantastic option for potential moviegoers because it supports multiple concurrent streams and high-end video and audio codecs.

Disney creates complete cinematic universes that would make you forget movies. It is renowned for its extensive collection of Disney-owned content, offline downloading, 4K streaming, and strong performance. Family-friendly blockbusters which continue to leave enduring impacts on successive generations are only available on Disney+. It is where you can view these films repeatedly, even though it’s possible that seeing them on a big screen is the greatest option.

Disney+ is for you if you even have a passing interest in one of the numerous renowned franchises that fall under the Disney corporate brand. Even better, some Disney+ movies are offered in “IMAX Enhanced” quality, which gives compatible displays the authenticity of a large-format movie theater resolution.

Despite being a fantastic streaming service, Disney Plus has some drawbacks. Some of these include the fact that many original series is based on already successful properties, Premier Access is pricey, and some 21st Century Fox material is shared with Hulu.

4. Amazon Prime Video

In addition to a selection of well-known films, Prime Video also has a growing collection of original films. Additionally, the service offers surround sound and 4K streaming. Excellent original content, 4K and HDR streaming live WNBA games and Thursday night football, offline downloads, numerous viewer profiles, and voice explanations are just a few of Amazon Prime Video’s many strengths. It also allows you to rent or purchase movies and television shows.

Prime Video is available for users who want to rent or buy individual movies and those who wish to purchase a membership to the service. There is the greatest variety of goods available in the location. However, you shouldn’t ignore the possibility of purchasing a membership. 

You can purchase either a stand-alone Amazon Prime or an Amazon Video subscription to watch video content on Amazon. In either case, you’ll be able to locate a lot of great movies to watch.

The drawbacks of utilizing Amazon Prime include that it routinely and continuously loses third-party material to other services and does not offer as many high-quality television programs as its rivals do.

5. HOB Max

HBO Max is the home to numerous well-known franchises, such as Harry Potter and DC Comics, and has streaming rights to films from Warner Bros., Studio Ghibli, and New Line Cinema. It is a beautiful choice for families because it supports multiple viewing profiles, numerous concurrent streams, and parental control options.

Compared to other streaming services, HBO Max stands out because it includes a large selection of well-known episodes and films from various sources, appealing apps, an ad-free tier that enables customers to save content for offline viewing, user profiles, and parental control options.

From the portfolio of WarnerMedia and other sources, HBO Max compiles an excellent selection of well-known films. HBO, in particular, has long been a tradition of offering recent and vintage films from around the business. Because of this, it is the home box office.

Thanks to Warner’s wide range of brands, from Cartoon Network’s wackiness to HBO’s prestige, HBO Max boasts one of the best and most comprehensive streaming libraries. However, mainstream cinephiles interested in films older than those released in this century find its huge film archive to be particularly alluring.

6. Peacock

Popular NBC network series are available to stream on Peacock, along with a good selection of films. Peacock’s excellent free tier gives it an Editors’ Choice designation despite the fact that it is missing some of the best NBC programs and the premium Premium plan imposes too many restrictions.

Peacock has several distinguishing characteristics, including a free tier with no significant restrictions, mainstream films and network shows, customizable subscription tiers, live sports for premium subscribers, and support for multiple account profiles.

Who doesn’t enjoy high-quality, free movies? Due to its comprehensive free tier, Peacock is an Editors’ Choice option, but if you’d want an additional better experience, you can switch to a paid membership.

There are several drawbacks to utilizing Peacock to stream movies, including the fact that its premium tier always has commercials and does not permit offline downloading, that there aren’t many high-quality original series, and that Seinfeld and Friends aren’t included in the list. Nevertheless, it has a movie library that is constantly evolving is also available.

7. KweliTV

KweliTV is a fascinating, reasonably priced, and generally available entry into the realm of streaming contemporary Black cinema. It boasts an extensive worldwide music collection, independent curation, flexible pricing options, and offline downloads for mobile devices. In addition, there are discounts for businesses owned by Blacks and a gift shop.

Your go-to source for movies from Africa and the world is KweliTV. In addition to other documentaries and movies you could see at an independent film festival, the service offers more than 400 handpicked entries, including the films Africa United and Black Enuf. Both a live stream that is free and individual movies that you may rent are available.

KweliTV is for everybody who appreciates the amazing cinematic works produced outside their country. A subscription to KweliTV also gives you access to its streaming library, discounts at more than 35 businesses owned by Blacks, and invitations to members-only events.

Cons of Kweli TV include unreliable subtitles and the inability to watch free, live Television on web browsers.


Although there are many streaming services to choose from, the best ones in 2022 will be those that offer an immersive experience. Whether through 4K content, HDR support, or Dolby Atmos audio, viewers want a realistic and engaging experience when watching movies. If your streaming service can provide that immersion level, you’ll stand out from the competition.

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