What Are the Different Types of Hair Color

Are you considering coloring your hair? Before you head to your favorite hair salon, you should know about the different types of hair color.

This doesn’t refer to the colors themselves, but the material for coloring your hair.

You want to make sure you decide among permanent, demi-permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary hair color.

You want to also consult with your hairstylist on what they believe is best for you. Consider how long you want your hair to have a new color. Also, consider what’s best for your budget.

Keep reading to learn what you need to know.


When choosing hair colors for the first time, you’re likely worried about whether you’ll want to keep the color for a long time. You’re worried that you might not like how the color looks on you.

Permanent hair color does indeed last indefinitely. It would take an expert hairstylist to remove it altogether.

Permanent hair dye cuts into the cuticles and adds the dye inside. This causes your new hairs to grow with the new color. If you’ve never colored your hair before, it isn’t advisable to choose this color like https://beautyhill.com/best-purple-hair-dyes.


This is a type of hair dye that can last between 12 to 24 different shampoo washes before fading away. This is often the preferred hair color type for darkening hair or giving it shine.

However, this is not the ideal hair color if you’re trying to cover grey or white hair.

You can also use it to improve hair color that has faded or become ashy. This type of hair color will also fade away without causing much damage to your hair.


This type of hair color doesn’t contain ammonia and doesn’t require a developer for mixing. You can apply the dye directly to the hair.

It doesn’t cut through your hair’s shaft. What it does is change the tone of your hair color.

It’s great for blending colors with your current hair. It can’t cover grey or white hair. This is a great option if you want highlights or want to experiment with unique styles.


This type of hair color comes in spray, chalk, or powder form. It alters the color of your hair as soon as it’s applied.

It will coat your current hair color with a new color. It won’t add any shine to your current hair color. This type of hair color can wash away with one shampoo wash.

This is the ideal hair color option if you’ve never colored your hair before. You should consider spending one day with temporary hair color to see if you like how it looks.

Choose Among These Different Types of Hair Color

Now that you know the different types of hair color, you can choose the best hair color type for you.

It’s best to start with temporary hair color to see which color looks best on you. Then consider either a semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair dye to see if you like the look over several months.

If you’ve fallen in love with your new hair color, you might want to choose a permanent hair dye.

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