GoDount doesn’t come with great technology. It is a simple and portable mobile phone or tablet accessory. It’s really painful to hold your mobile phone always and irritating also. If you were ever thinking about hands-free mobile phone use, you could rely on GoDount. This device is used for taking photos, watching videos, and holding your phone in the time of video conferencing.

This device has some unique features which make it a hit from the arrival. The design and construction of GoDount are simple. This device supports multi-angle and multi-device simultaneously. In this write-up, I will review the main features of GoDount and discuss related things. You can also see GoDonut honest opinion if you want to know more about this product.

What is GoDount

GoDount is a universal mobile phone stand. Which is suitable for any mobile phone or tablet, even that is not released yet. Because it has Flexible Grooves to fit with small to large devices, the Grooves will hold your device in six different ways, providing you the best view no matter what you are doing.

You will find two different modes, Portrait, and Landscape. Each mode has three different angles 45° / 70° / 90°. You are able to set your wanted angle with which you are comfortable. If you put your mobile phone at 45° and 70°, it works as a monitor. You can do your painting, reading ebooks, video chatting, and many more with great comfort.

Many users think that this device is the most effective and universal stand for mobile and tablets. Because they found it more convenient, cheap, and long-lasting, they can rely on this device because it gives them hands-free mobile utilizing experience and without the fear of breaking.

Main Features of GoDount

However, the GoDount stand is a simple device. It has some unique features also. Those features make it worth buying and differ from its competitor.

Design and Construction
This device comes with a simple round design with various colors. It is constructed of BPA-rubber. This BPA-rubber enhances the durability of this product. This product is made without zero toxins. It no longer contains any harmful chemical which can be the cause for threat.

The size of the GoDount stand is small and handy. The dimension of this device is 5.8 * 4.2* 1.3 inches. Its compact design makes it portable and fit for anywhere. 
Different Angle Support

It has a different socket for different views. You can put your device in Landscape and Portrait mode. You will find three kinds of angles, 45° / 70° / 90°. You can put your device on this three-angle. Those three-angle are ideal for performing different work. It works like a mini-monitor. You can watch movies, videos, read ebooks, and frequently paint in Landscape mode. The Portrait mode is best for texting, content reading, web-browsing, and handwriting.


Durability can be the first considerable thing before you buy a product. Any investment should go for a definite purpose. You will not go to the retailer to fix the problem over and over. Therefore you must become conscious of the durability of GoDount.

GoDount is made with a rubber material which boosts its Durability. It can weigh 33000 pounds. So the durability of this product is undoubted. GoDount is a non-slip, waterproof, heat-resistant device that is safe to use.


The utility of a device makes it popular among users. You can use this device as a multi-purpose. This device will free your hand and give you the scope to perform other work while you are video chatting with your friends. It can give you the scope of watching youtube recipes when you are cooking your favorite dishes.  This device is environmentally friendly. You can utilize this device both inside and outside of the house. This device is fit for anywhere you want to fit.  The fear of falling your device will reduce because it grips your phone strongly.

Multi-Device Support

The surface of this device will not interrupt your watching. Both thick and big screens can easily fit on this surface. Painting on a big tablet or reading ebooks on a mobile phone or tablet will be easier because you need not hold your device for a long time. GoDonut considers as the world’s most lightweight and comprehensive device holder. It’s suitable with most devices and iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Kindle Fire, and more!

What Makes GoDount Standout

The Device GoDount is not an uncommon thing. You will find many stands for mobile phones or tablets. All of them may give you the basic facility of a stand. But I found GoDount is quite different. I was reading some reviews about this device. Its unique features catch my attention, which makes it Standout to me.

The lower price of GoDount and compact design can easily drive anyone to purchase it. You can utilize this device for many purposes for performing different actions. 

What are the Main Features of GoDonutHow Does it Work

This device works out of the box. You need to install this device. Just put it on a plane surface and put your device on its Grooves. There is no setup required. Within a short time, you can use this device by unboxing it.

You can change your device on it instantly and perform individual work. If you are boring to watching a movie you can simply change your mobile phone. Put your tablet on it and start drawing or reading books instantly.

Is it safe for a mobile phone?

This device comes with a couple of benefits, and all those are safe for a mobile phone. This device is not only safe for a mobile phone but also ensures safety. This GoDount will reduce the possibility of falling your phone into the floor. This device ensures a position for your mobile phone which is safe. Many people break their phones when they hold them in their hands carelessly.


The gadget makes our life easier. They can help us to multi-task at a time, which reduce our time. GoDount is a kind of Gadget that added extra value to our life. As like mobile phone, it becomes a companion of our daily life. People use this gadget frequently for its lightweight and portable features.

Someone who uses a mobile phone and wants a hands-free using experience is recommended to buy this gadget. I promise you will find it comfortable by using this device.



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