What are the tips for designing an affordable and attractive website

Having a website for all the companies is very important nowadays. This is because if a company has a website, then it will look very effective as the company will be seen as more reliable with a good class. Some of the company hires website designers for making their website, but nowadays there are so many companies which provide this facility of website designdesigning a website or taking any help for any activity by a company from another company is known as outsourcing.

The website designing companies have so many types of software engineers or website designers with tones of knowledge, but what if a person knows how to make a website but doesn’t know about the tips for making an attractive website. Let’s discuss some of the tips for designing a good website.

The speed of the site should be a priority to you

The speed of the site must be a priority while making a website. This is because, without the speed, the audience or we can say the person who is going to visit that website will not have a good experience and will make the goodwill of the particular company bad of which that website is. A person who will use your website should always be satisfied with it, and you should make the speed of your website very high. Not the users, but the search engines also care about your website, as if your website has good speed, it will be promoted to a good rank.

Use Hick’s law

You should use Hick’s law for making a website. Hick’s law states that if a person has more choice, then he/she will take more time to choose one from them as he/she will get confused from all the things. At the time of designing, you have to do the opposite of this. This means you should reduce the number of items in which you are dealing, so if there are fewer choices, then the person will take a short time to choose a particular product or service. You should always display the social buttons on networks on which you are very active and respond to the website’s user speedily.

Make it simple

Your website should be very simple to look at. This is because if it is very fancy and with so many visuals, then the user will get confused about where to start and to find the product or service. A survey is done by Google, and it says that if there are so many visuals on the website, then the visitors won’t like it and leave it very soon, so you should make it more simple and easy to access. Some ideas which should be considered while making a website are:

  • Remove the sidebar – So many of the websites are removing the sidebar of the pages of the website as they want to make it a single-column design. By removing the sidebar, the focus will be more on the content, and it will be good for the company.
  • Use standard layouts –You should never use any non-standard layout as people love the standard layouts. Research the standard layouts first and then make the website according to it as you have to make the website according to the users if you want more visitors to it.

Use people in pictures

Using the people in pictures will be more attractive. This is because if you use direct pictures of facts and figures, then it will look boring, and a person cannot interact with it. Using people’s pictures along with the facts and figures will look more attractive, and visitors can interact more with the website.

Insert social proofs

You should insert social proofs in your websites like the reviews of the customers or any videos made by your company on any product or for any kind of advertisement. This is because people believe more in the proofs and feedback of other people, and there is a tendency of what others have already done, then it will be meant as genuine.

Make a list order

Making a list of your products will look more attractive and easy for the visitors to find and check the products or services. It doesn’t matter that the list is in proper order or not, but it will be very convenient for the visitors. There is a so-called serial position effect, which says that the people will remember the products or services which are shown to them on the top and the bottom of the list. The middle things will not be remembered by anyone.

So, if you are making a list of your products or services on your website, then put the important ones at the place where they will be more highlighted and get more into the users’ eyes.

Use some visual cues

On your website, use some visual cues. This means, use some of the visual effects like animations for using the products, advantages of products, and so on. These visuals will be very effective for the user as by just seeing the visual, he/she can have an idea for the product and get more attracted to it.

The outsourcing done by the companies for making a website will be a very good idea. But, if a beginner’s planning to make any website, so he/she must read some tips about it. A website made by anyone should be very attractive and affordable.


To sum up, we can say that website designing is not an easy task. A person has to keep so many factors in his/her mind while making it. There are so many tips for making an effective website; some of them are discussed above. Those are, the speed of the site should be a priority to you, use Hick’s law, make it simple, use people in pictures, insert social proofs, make a list order and use some visual cues. 

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