Fall 2021 Fashion Trends in the US - How Fall Trends Are Worn Across the USA

Coming out of 2020, we decided to take some more risks – with life and with our fashion sense. Since 2020 was the year of safety, along with wearing sweatpants, t-shirts, and work-from-home outfits, people are now looking to expand their fashion palette in the upcoming year. Also, Work from Home Outfits for women are now in trends you can consider in 2022.

With new accessories, prints, styles, and bags, we can accessorize and make our outfits as stand-out and “wow” as possible! Although The most current fashion trends involve streetwear and those that are easy to wear and comfortable, you still can bring something extra to your outfit to spice up the look and make it feel like you really tried getting ready this morning.

Whatever you are doing for work or school these days, whether it is on Zoom or in-person, taking the time to get ready in the morning can help you feel inspired to tackle the day! Let’s see some of the most fashionable trends for women in the upcoming fashion year.

The top 5 women’s fashion trends for 2021!

If You are looking to get to the top of the fashion world, you need to look into the latest trends to see what is all the rage at the moment. To really make your outfit stand out among the crowd, you need to look into the most popular styles, such as accessories, shirts, shoes, pants, and other items that can bring your outfit from drab to fab.

Let’s see the top five women’s fashion trends for 2021, why they are popular, and how YOU can create this look at home with some new fashion pieces! Look at the best items from Memma to see how you can highlight your new clothes!

Cropped cardigans

The first trend to keep an eye out for when planning your outfit is sweet and cute cropped cardigans. Cropped cardigans are shorter than typical sweaters, typically lightweight, and offer bright colors, funky patterns, and cute buttons. Instead of being oversized and down to almost your knees, like they have in recent years, the cropped cardigan will make your outfit a bit nicer and fashionable.

Cropped cardigans can be worn with shorts, jeans, dresses, or almost any type of bottom! With the versatility to wear during the spring months at night when it can get chilly, or during the fall and winter months during the day when there is a brisk breeze, you can use your cropped cardigan all year round. Browse Memma to find the best-cropped cardigans for your wardrobe!

The cropped cardigan is inspired from vintage times, influenced by big-name brands, such as Alessandra Rich, and now filtering to department stores and boutique stores for the masses, such as H&M and Zara. You can wear these sweaters with sweatpants, jeans, or skirts depending on the occasion!

Tractor boots

The second trend to try for women’s wear in the 2021 fashion year are tractor-inspired boots. Browse Memam for the best color and size for your style, such as white, brown, or black. You can find these at various stores around the world today, with this trend taking the world by storm. Wear these tractor-inspired boots with a midi skirt, maxi skirt, jeans, hosts, and other types of pants that you can either tuck into the top of the boots or let flow over the sides.

These boots look especially fashionable when wearing in the fall or the winter months since they will protect your feet from cold weather, debris, snow, and provide a rugged and city look to your outfit. For the summer months, you can pair these boots with a super-short skirt or maxi skirt for a warm day outfit.

Candy sweatpants

Okay no, these sweatpants are not made out of candy or have candy designs – but candy-colored sweatpants are all the rage right now in women’s wear in 2021! Find sweatpants on Memma to compliment your casual outfit, with there being a wide variety of colors like teal, blue, red, and pink. You can also dress up these candy-colored sweatpants by pairing them with fancy boots or heels!

However, if you are on the way to a Zoom call or to a school class where you don’t need to dress up, pair these candy-colored sweatpants with sneakers for a casual and streetwear look.

Shirt jackets

The trend that is taking over cities and the entire world by storm is a shacket, known as a shirt jacket. These shirt jackets are not quite as heavy as your typical flannel or wool jacket, making them the perfect choice for throwing on during a mild day or wearing out at night when you don’t want to remove your jacket at a bar or restaurant.

These shackets are typically plain colored, either in brown or black, or you can find plaid options that complement a plain pair of pants and graphic t-shirts. Although heavier than a flannel shirt, these jackets are perfect for running an errand or wearing during a day that you don’t want to wear a bulky and heavy-duty coat.

Puff sleeves

The final trend to look for in 2021 for women’s wear is the puff sleeve. Wearable with various types of shirts, whether they be long sleeve, collared, flowy, or short sleeve, the puff sleeves add an extra element of fashion to casual outfits. Browse puff sleeve shirts on Memma to find the right style, color, and size for you and your wardrobe preferences.

You can pair a puff sleeve shirt with cropped jeans and heels, high-waisted jeans and boots, or a high-waisted skirt and tractor boots!


As you can see, finding the best trends and styles for you to follow can inspire you to change up your outfits in 2021! Take some of our advice and experiment with these women’s wear trends in 2021, such as puff sleeves, tractor boots, shirt jackets, cropped cardigans, and candy-colored sweatpants! With versatility in all of these pieces, you can wear them for wandering around the street during the day during a shopping excursion, going to school, going to work, or casually running out for drinks with your friends.

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