What Are The Various Terms Related To Education?

Everyone knows that nothing is permanent, so the landscape of education is also not fixed and specific. It keeps changing every now and then and introduces something new every time. The changes require all to be updated with the new concepts.

Just like every field comes with their specific lingo, education too is equipped with its lingo. Not all students, teachers and guides are aware of all lingos and slangs of education. But they should have ideas about the new terminologies. Students and educators should understand the new lingo and slang related to the education field. The glossary of education has been added with the new terms coping up to the changing landscape.

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So, to update yourself with new terms related to education; have a look at this not-so-typical list of the terms.

1.   Virtual Classroom

The virtual classroom is an online digital classes setup for teachers and students which allow them to collect in a digital learning environment in real time.

Basically, it is an online platform which offers teachers a platform to teach their students and conduct various learning activities. In the new era, virtual classrooms are replacing traditional classroom structures and becoming a normal concept to the students. In a virtual classroom setup, teachers can connect their students in real time just like in a traditional classroom. Both the platforms are different and on comparing, you might find effectiveness of virtual classroom over traditional classroom. To connect students and teachers in the digital environment, there are many digital class apps available.

2.   Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom is a new type of classroom in trend in the modern pedagogical method. Even the term ‘Flipped Classroom’ is unique and in this method, flipped way of teaching takes place.

In the Flipped Classroom, unlike the usual teaching way, students learn at home and practice at school. It is a reverse concept of teaching in which students are not taught in school and give homework. Students use online teaching apps and e-learning apps such as Digital Class E-learning Marketplace to learn and practice. They try to understand the concept at home and practice the same concept practically at school under guidance of teachers.

3.   Edtech

As the name suggests, the term is the amalgamation of two words which is education and technology. With the introduction of technology in the education system, it has been becoming more effective and efficient than before. It eases the process, improves the experience of practice, and enhances outcomes.

The best example to understand the term Edtech is digital training apps, automated attendance systems, e-learning apps, and online teaching apps. Digital Class E-learning Marketplace is one such platform which can be used by teachers to conduct the online classes. It offers affordable courses for students as well. The app is suitable both for teachers and students as it has features such as content sharing, web store, live class recording, fee management system, and more etc.

4.   Lesson Plan

Making lesson plans is a teachers’ part in which teachers prepare a detailed document for students to give them directions. This term should be known by both students and teachers. Also, the lesson plan lets them understand how much syllabus they should cover and at what speed they should cover the syllabus to complete it on time.

With the help of lesson plans, teachers get an idea in advance to avoid any kind of rush to complete the syllabus. It is important to manage time according to the syllabus.

5.   Classroom Management

Schools must have a proper management to keep their students focused, attentive, interested, and engaged in studies. To apply the management in the classroom, the teacher employs different strategies and methods and this comes under Classroom management.

Teachers are loaded with many responsibilities to manage their class. They have to run their classes swiftly by clearing the concepts and resolving the doubts of students if any. There are many aspects which need to be managed whether it is related to studies or other activities. With classroom management, teachers can make it possible.

6.   Online Whiteboard

Unlike the regular white or black board of the class on which teachers write, Online Whiteboard is different and is trending in the modern teaching method. Today, students are using e-learning apps and online teaching apps such as Digital Class E-learning Marketplace. In such a way, the online whiteboard is the best option. It is a digital board. Teachers use this board to write and add text, insert images to teach the students. For conducting online classes, online whiteboards are perfect.

7.   Visual Aids

Teachers need various aids to teach students and convey concepts clearly. Visual aids help teachers in this process. With visual aids, teachers are availed with images, props, charts, and videos to explain students. These aids are available with instructional material for better understanding of the syllabus.

8.   Online Teaching

The term ‘Online Teaching’ is not unfamiliar to you especially during the pandemic time. The new concept of teaching has taken over the traditional method of teaching and become a household and popular term now. In the concept of online teaching, with the help of online teaching apps, teachers teach students and students learn from teachers in the virtual setup. They need only internet connection and devices for online classes.

The above mentioned eight points are new terminologies related to education that not only every student and teacher, but everyone should know as well. Update your education glossary with these new terms as it is important and necessary too.

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