What are users saying about Office Ally Practice Mate in 2022

How exactly do you choose the right Practice Management solution for your practice? To understand that, you need to evaluate several aspects of the software in question. Some providers look for flexibility and customizability, while others are more concerned about the features that a software solution has to offer.

If you are a healthcare provider and considering Practice Mate for your small or medium healthcare facility, we can tell that it offers tailor-fit solutions that help practices smooth out their daily administrative tasks. Its robust features can take you workflow efficiency to the next level. To help you make a wise decision regarding this PM system, we have put together a comprehensive summary of its user reviews and top-rated features.

What do you need to know about Practice Mate

Office Ally’s Practice Mate is ideal for cost-conscious healthcare facilities that are looking for an affordable practice management system that gets the job done quickly. Office Ally cost is what separates it from its competitors. The company also focuses exclusively on increased operational efficiency. It enables physicians to focus more on providing quality care services rather than spending time managing administrative processes.

Office Ally’s free Practice Management and Clearinghouse solutions have received multiple positive mentions from users for elevating practice efficiency. The free add-on solutions are like cherry on the top for its PM system, especially for new and small healthcare clinics. The software allows practices to streamline day-to-day processes and secure confidential patient data in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Patients can also use its self-service portal to securely connect with their providers and pay medical bills online.

Office Ally Practice Mate reviews confirm that the software features comprehensive tools, such as claims management, patient scheduling, patient statements, electronic superbills, and scalable accounting. In addition to this, clinicians can quickly schedule appointments, maintain a calendar, and color-code time slots with the system’s user-friendly appointment scheduling feature.

Office Ally Practice Mate reviews

Another highly appreciated aspect of this Practice Management solution is its credit card processing capability. It enables users to create and store patient information, such as insurance details, appointments, billing information, and demographics. Moreover, the appointment scheduler feature automates the entire scheduling process with unique search and view capabilities. You can also use this solution to create and submit claims electronically.

The Practice Management platform additionally provides support for multiple locations and creates a secure data backup in the cloud. Alongside this, it helps users generate comprehensive financial reports and patient statements that they can export in different formats, such as Excel files or PDFs. Other Practice Mate benefits reported by the users include:

  • Access to more than 5,000 payers
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Free setup & 24/7 customer support
  • Free training for new users.
  • No contacts required.

5 Practice Mate features physicians love

Listed below are the features of this PM solution that have received perfect-starred reviews from users:

  1. Comprehensive appointment scheduling

Office Ally Practice Mate enables healthcare practitioners to schedule patient visits on a calendar and send automated appointment reminders. Medical facilities that leverage this advanced technology can optimize the appointment scheduling process and improve overall workflow efficiency. Overall, it allows clinicians to ensure that no one is double-booked.

  1. Robust patient portal

The patient portal feature is another well-received aspect of this PM solution. It connects patients with their providers in real-time and allows them to pay medical bills online. Patients can use this self-service portal to view lab results, access health information, schedule visits, and update their medical records. On top of this, it comes with a secure messaging tool that further facilitates patient-provider communication. Office Ally Practice Mate reviews appreciate how this patient portal helps them reduce waiting room activity.

  1. Real-time insurance eligibility

Healthcare providers can easily collect patient details using the software’s electronic intake forms to verify a patient’s insurance eligibility in real-time. What’s more, this PM solution offers online eligibility verification services for different commercial and government payers. You can get the vital information like deductibles and copays while making sure that you get instant eligibility findings. All in all, it allows you to quickly confirm if a patient is covered by their insurance for a particular service.

  1. Powerful reporting tool

The next highly praised feature of Practice Mate is its powerful reporting module. It allows you to generate detailed reports and export them in various formats. Your practice staff can easily search for patients by name, insurance type, tax ID, etc. The software doesn’t require its users to sign any contracts to access this functionality. You can even download and export the reports in PDF or Microsoft Excel formats. Moreover, you can book an Office Ally Practice Mate demo to evaluate this feature before implementation.

  1. Efficient data management

The main goal of this PM platform is to efficiently organize all your patient records in a centralized location. Users praise this feature for allowing them to store scanned documents and laboratory results from other healthcare providers. Entering patient demographics is no longer a hassle for users as the software makes sure that everything is perfectly organized and easily accessible.

Pros & cons


  • Filing complaints is a piece of cake with Practice Mate because the software highlights errors before sending them out.
  • Most users feel that the system seamlessly integrates with Office Ally’s EHR.
  • Office Ally Practice Mate reviews confirm that the software is easy to use and navigate.
  • It allows users to color-code their schedules to differentiate between OT/ST.


  • Users who booked Office Ally Practice Mate demo felt that the software cannot store large files.
  • Verifying insurance eligibility isn’t always painless.
  • Users cannot manually send text reminders.

To end

Office Ally’s Practice Mate is a no-frills Practice Management solution designed for smaller, cost-conscious medical practices. This comprehensive software system offers enough functionality to streamline daily administrative tasks and improve operational efficiency. Our experts think it should be a top consideration for practices just starting out as it provides free training and setup along with 24/7 customer support. For more information, visit FindEMR to book a demo for this Healthcare IT product.

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