5 Tips How to Optimize Your Blog Post for SEO

Blogging is a serious job that pays off greatly if you have the consistency and will to stick with it and produce great quality content for your readers. Starting a blog is really simple in modern times and if you want to start one then just go ahead and do it.

Starting a blog is not so hard anymore, most of the work is kind of automated, that is you buy a domain name and hosting and then you install WordPress on your dedicated hosting, choose a specific theme for your blog and after a few hours of development your blog is up and running. Setting up a blog is not the hard part, what is hard though is wrapping your mind around the type of blog that you are interested in or would like to start. 

What should be the topic/niche of the blog?

You have to choose a niche that you think is in demand and is going to drive traffic towards your blog, if you choose multiple niches then the chance of your blog becoming a hit diminishes greatly, so what you can do is to get on with a niche that you want to invest your time and energy into. You can check this post on how to create a blog.

 The best thing to come up with a suggestive niche is by exploring within, ask yourself where does your interest lie? OR what gets you motivated or passionate? No matter what kind of hobby or passion it is, if you can write good content around it then you have got yourself a winner and you should consider going with that specific niche for your blog.

Types of blogs that are in rave demand

Although if you want to have a few suggestions beforehand then the following are some of the great ones as these depict the blogs that are in demand and can help you to take a solid starting off if you choose to go with any of these;

Food blogs

Food blogs are pretty common these days but that doesn’t mean that these are not in demand. It is a growing sector where many new bloggers join and are able to bring in visitors based on the quality and uniqueness of the content that they are able to put out. You can choose to list recipes on your blog about the dishes that you believe are incredible, do restaurant reviews or share unique ideas about cooking that are interesting.

Fashion blogs

People who like to read about what the new trends in fashion are these days would definitely check out your website if you have subtle content on it. You can choose to discuss any broader section of fashion here, you can talk about new trends, trends that are diminishing slowly, or topics about how to enhance one’s lifestyle as these are pretty much in demand around people.

Travel blogs

People who love to travel or learn about other destinations and countries do find travel blogs up to their liking. You don’t even have to be a traveler yourself for the sake of the argument. If you can write well and narrate beautifully about a trip, foreign places and really captivate the attention of your readers via listing all the great things about a certain place then you have got yourself a very popular and successful travel blog.

Fitness and DIY blogs

Nowadays fitness is a hot topic of discussion among people and they are eager to try anything and everything that can help them get near to their fitness goals. If you have the knowledge about diet plans, workouts, and supplements and can help people with what they are seeking in terms of fitness then this should be the niche of your next blog. 

On the other hand, the topics about DIY (do it yourself) arts, craft, construction, and home décor are also very popular and enjoy a great audience, if you think that Fitness is not your game then you can definitely grow an audience with a DIY blog. 

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