What causes Insomnia

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder. It means it’s difficult to sleep, take hours to rest, or wake up at night and find it difficult to go back to sleep. That means the person with insomnia is facing trouble to fall asleep or have a peaceful sleep. People struggle to sleep, no matter how tired they are or how badly they need to sleep.

Every person has a different body type, so they need additional hours long sleep to get themselves feel fresh and nourished. It does not mean that if you are sleeping for eight hours, you don’t have insomnia. It more on how much are you feeling refreshed and have the energy to work throughout the day.

Insomnia can be short term or long term. In short-term insomnia, you aren’t able to fall asleep for one night or a few nights. But in a long time, insomnia lasts from 3 nights in a week or to 2 months or more.

According to the National Institute of Health, approximately 30% of people complain about insomnia.

Types of Insomnia

There are three types of insomnia:

Transient Insomnia

Transient insomnia is short-term insomnia that lasts up to 3 nights. It is temporary insomnia, and sleep will return on its own.

Acute Insomnia

Acute insomnia is brief-term insomnia. It occurs due to any cause in your life or any circumstance in life you arent comfortable with. It can be treated without any invasive method.

Chronic Insomnia

What causes Insomnia

Chronic insomnia lasts up to 3 nights per week to 3 months. There are a different number of methods to treat chronic insomnia. It can be treated at home or get help from a sleep therapist or an exceptional therapist to address a cause.

Symptoms of Insomnia

Some of the symptoms of insomnia are:

  • Difficult to fall asleep.
  • Also, waking up at night and trouble falling asleep back.
  • And you are still feeling tired after waking up.
  • Hard to take a nap even during the day.
  • Plus, Feeling irritated during the day.
  • You are relying on sleep medication.

So, it becomes challenging to have concentrate for the whole day.

Causes of Insomnia

Most of the people are facing trouble to fell asleep. Their body is drained out of energy due to lack of sleep. Different causes lead to suffering insomnia.

The stress, anxiety, depression, and emotional imbalance of thoughts can cause insomnia. The traumatic experience or person suffering from PTSD can have insomnia. The pressure from the office or of upcoming exams or presentations can cause insomnia as well.

The environment can also affect your sleep; a loud and bright room will not help you get a night of good sleep or face trouble to fall asleep. Too much caffeine during a day can also be one reason that can lead to insomnia.

The complete drained out of our energy due to a tremendous workload during a day, i.e., shifting a shift with other coworkers or jet-lag, can also be one of the causes of insomnia.

Some medications or health issues can also be one of the reasons to result in insomnia. The sufferer is continually feeling pain in the body or any other illness. The medication prescripted can interfere with sleep, including anti-depressants or common stimulants, to treat ADHD(Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder).

Habits that Cause Insomnia

The habits of a person during a day play an essential role in suffering from insomnia. The pattern of having an excessive amount of caffeine or irregular sleep routine during a day can also result in this.

Sleeping in a bright or loud noise environment can affect sleep as well. Having a screen time before going to sleep can one of another factor that becomes a reason for insomnia.

Overeating in the evening or before going to bed will also cause us to suffer from insomnia.

Effects of Insomnia

A person who has insomnia will result from having less productivity during the day. The person will feel tired or easily got irritated during a day. He will have a lack of interest in performing any of his work.

The person will have low concentration. Insomnia can lead to have errors and also worry about sleeping.

How To Prevent Insomnia?

Insomnia is not an illness that has no cure. We are powerful enough to fight with insomnia. We have to work on our habits, which is one of the main reasons we suffer from insomnia. Keep a note of nap during the day, set your nap routine during a day. Avoid having caffeine in excessive amounts. Restrain yourself from having a meal or food before going to bed. Have a meal at least a few hours before we are going to bed. Make sure our bed is a soft, dark, and comfortable mattress to sleep for.

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Insomnia is a common problem. Sleeping pills might give us aid to fall asleep, but this to a solution for insomnia. Try to find the root causes Insomnia and then start working on it to eliminate it.

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