What Do Retirement Villages Provide?

A retirement village is a group of housing units that are meant to make life after retirement fun and enable retirees to connect with each other. Such a village has several houses that may be rented or bought by people above the age of 55 years. Other than the houses, you will find other shared amenities including:

  • Swimming pool
  • Library
  • Meeting rooms
  • Tennis courts
  • Lush gardens

The actual facilities available differ from one retirement village to the other. From one and two-bedroom apartments to resort-like homes, there is a retirement village suitable for everyone. If you are in Brisbane, check out the Alondra retirement village in North Brisbane which offers its residents spacious apartments to call home. The natural exteriors and beautiful city views are the perfect touches. Enjoy the free wifi in common areas and other amenities that make this village home.

Retirement Villages are not a Care Home

Unlike a care home where nurses and other healthcare professionals take care of the elderly around the clock, retirement villages provide retirees with independent homes. They live there without any assistance unless required and adding this will require extra payment.

In a retirement village house, you can bring in all your belongings and live life just the way you like it. It is not assisted living like in a care home. You are independent and while some villages provide extra services like house cleaning and meals, others do not. You get to have the freedom you need while living around like-minded people.

Doctor visits may be organized by some retirement villages to ensure the residents are at their best health status. You may also request extra help if required. However, these must be paid for by the beneficiary.

Costs Associated with Retirement Village Living

Houses in retirement villages may be bought or rented. Find a suitable option and agree on the details. Other than the price of paying for the house or rent, you will be required to pay an upfront fee. This covers the amenities and services in the community. Thereafter you will also be required to pay maintenance fees on a regular basis which may be monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, and so on. The actual amount differs from one village to another but it is important to understand these costs clearly before you move in.

The retirement village provides you with a house, amenities, and a supportive community. While some may provide extra services like cleaning, cooking, healthcare, and supportive care, these usually come at an extra cost. Confirm the payment before receiving these services.

Most retirement villages will give a refund of part of the upfront fees when a resident decides to leave. The deductions that may be made from the upfront fees include legal fees to cover contract termination, reinstatement fees to cover damages, and administrative charges among others.

All costs are indicated in your contract. Read it carefully before signing.

Why Should You Consider Retirement Village Living?

Now that you know a retirement offers you a home among your peers you must be thinking about whether this is right for you or not. What benefits do you stand to gain?

Retirement villages are monitored around the clock. This means that they are safe and you can sleep soundly without worrying about your safety. Even when you go for long trips you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are safe. There are staff members available all day long and these can provide any support you need. Whether you just need someone to talk to or need someone to remind you to take your pill, retirement village staff members are very friendly and supportive.

Is your house too big and impractical? Maybe it is time to move to a smaller and more manageable house. You could sell your house or rent it out for extra income while you enjoy the community living of retirement villages. You will no longer feel lonely because you have neighbors you can chat with right next door. You could even form groups and engage in activities you love. In retirement villages, there are people who take care of the compound. This means no more gardening and, in some cases, housekeeping chores. You can relax and enjoy doing what you love.

There are many activities at a retirement village. The management will often organize get-togethers and other social events. You can play games with your peers and joke around. You can even lock up and go for excursions and trips. You have worked so hard all your life, you deserve to rest and enjoy your life!

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