Benefits of betting sites

Betting has been popular since ages past, and it’s still popular today. Since the beginning of online betting, the world has seen betting come in several forms. Betting has come in online poker tables, casinos, sports betting, and lotteries, which are the most popular forms. Other forms of online betting are bingo, horse-race betting, mobile gambling, in-play gambling, and advance deposit wagering.

If you’re looking for a reliable website to place your bets at, it is important to go through every aspect of the operator like payment options, customer service, etc. Such information, as seen on will help you with the choice and eventually make the most out of your bets. These websites encompass all the features a standard betting site should have. Having an insight into these websites would help you pick the best without signing up for all.

If you are new to betting you should know that with the various forms of gambling in existence, the types of betting are still similar in all. The betting types are classified according to how you predict the game will end. The first type is match results. For this option, you have to anticipate everything that would happen in the game. This outcome prediction includes the winning party, the losing team, the first scorer, and the total score. If you wrongly predict one,  then the whole bet is lost. The second type is correct score prediction. To win a bet with accurate score prediction, you have to predict the scores in the game for both teams. If you miss out on one prediction, you lose the whole bet. Both teams will score is the third type of prediction and its name is explanatory. If a team doesn’t score, you lose the bet. If both teams score, you win.

In the first scorer prediction, you have to predict the first team to score in the game. Your forecast is not limited to one round. It covers all the rounds in the game. If you predict team A as the first scorer, and the team scores first in only one round, you will lose the bet. The last type is double chance prediction. In this type of prediction, you get the chance to pick more than one option. Double chance betting covers a range of selections.

Selections in double chance betting

  • Home team and draw: In this selection, you’re predicting that the home team would win. If they don’t, the selection also covers when they score the same as the visiting team. The selection of the home team and a draw is not valid if the home team loses. For example, you have two teams, Chelsea and Manchester United. If Chelsea is the home team and you pick the selection of home team and draw, it means that if Chelsea gets a score of 2- 1, you win the bet; if they get a score of 2-2, you still win. However, if the score is 2-3, or 3-4, regardless of the number of goal deficit, the away team wins.
  • Away team and draw: This selection is similar to the home team and draw. Instead of betting on the home team, the punter is betting on the away team. The selection also covers a draw matches with the home team. If the away team scores lower than the home team or doesn’t score at all, the bet slip will lose.
  • Home team and away team: It is a win-win kind of prediction. You don’t have to specifically put your eggs in one basket in hoping one of the teams would succeed above the other. Things happen by chance. You can’t be a hundred percent sure that what you predict would be accurate. It is safer to choose the two. When you select this type of prediction, it means that if the home team wins, you win; if the away team wins, you win, but if the outcome is a draw, you lose.


Double chance betting is primarily found in sports betting. It eliminates the loss status that comes with betting. It gives the bettors leverage to bet using two outcomes out of the three possible outcomes. It gives the bettor a little bit of leeway. For a selection of home and away teams, the bettor’s mind would still be at peace because no matter the game’s outcome, the bet would still be a win, provided the game doesn’t end in a draw.

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