What Foods Should You Add to Your Survival Kit

Preparing for bad times is probably the most human thing that you can do right now. Given the way things have been recently, it only makes sense to take some steps for your survival if the situation goes bad. There are so many situations that could cause you to go into survival mode and having proper arrangements for such a situation can save your life.

There are many things that you would need to arrange to ensure your safety and survival but the most important of all is food. Everything else is meaningless if you do not have food to eat in a survival situation. We are sharing the best food items to have in your survival kit if you ever need them.

Emergency Drinking Water

It would be an emergency even on an ordinary day if you were to run out of drinking water and could not find a source to replenish. You could end up in a setting where drinking water is scarce or simply unavailable in a survival situation. Having drinking water in your survival food would ensure that you do not die from dehydration and survive long enough to find help. You can find packaged water quite easily these days and those packages have a long shelf life as well.

Dried Fruits

While you should know how to locate fresh food if you need to scavenge in the wild, having dried fruits in your survival kit can make things quite pleasant. Not only are they easy to store and have a great shelf life, but dried fruits are also packed with nutrition and make up for the majority of your body’s mineral needs as well. They are also a great supplement to retain your energy in case you are running low on fresh food. Be sure to keep a decent quantity of dried fruits in your survival box and if you want to step it up a bit, add some nuts as well, like almonds, pistachios, cashews, etc.

Canned Meats and Vegetables

The need for hot meals never ends and having canned food like cooked meats and vegetables can be a great option to have. These are typically capable of surviving several years and you can make something from them using nothing except water. Hot meals can be a great mood booster when trying to survive, and canned foods ensure that you can eat your favorite meals even when out in the open. Additionally, all other items with longer shelf lives are hard and not eating something soft in between can lead to serious stomach problems.


Crackers and biscuits are probably the most recognized type of food for survival situations. They come packed, have a great shelf life, taste great, and can be added to pretty much any situation. However, while you could munch on them all you want, getting a bit creative can be quite rewarding. You can pair crackers with all sorts of other ingredients and dishes, making them the base for a potential flavor goldmine. Having such options during a survival situation can be amazing!

Sports Drinks

During a survival situation, you may be expected to move around quite a bit. All that movement could drain your energy quite quickly, and in some cases, you may need to replenish energy quickly and regain vitamins as well. Energy drinks like Gatorade have all the nutrients that your body may lose through physical activity. However, they also have electrolytes and carbs in them which can help replenish energy.

Final Words

There are plenty of other products as well that you can add to your survival kit. Let us know what you have in your kit! If you are starting anew, make sure to have these products in your kit at the very least.

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