What industries need 3d printing applications?

3D printing is a high-tech word in the minds of many people. What exactly 3D printing can do and in which industries can it be applied? The following will introduce 3D printing applications in 4 fields of industry.

3D printers applied in education

3D printing is used in modern education to improve students’ quality. To achieve the organic integration of the virtual world and the physical world, education introduces 3D printers into campus, which makes students to be better trained in innovation and practical skills. Some practical 3D printers are Flashforge Adventurer 3 and Flashforge Finder. Designed for 3D printing beginners to practice basic printing skills, those FDM 3D printers do not need self-assembly. They are out-of-box for use. Just turn on the electric power and try them.

3D printers help turn students’ creativity and imagination into reality, greatly developing students’ hands-on and brain skills. 3D printing has become an experimental curriculum in some schools as a new way of education. Maybe 3D printing could bring a reform of school education. Meanwhile, the application of 3D printers in education makes study more interesting. The process of making physical objects by their hands could increase students’ creativity, and deepen student’s understanding of difficult concepts in different subjects.

3D printers applied in manufacturing industry

Part production. When designers create different part models, they use 3D printers to print the models directly, which is a good way of model testing and saving time and cost as well. 3D printing helps to improve production efficiency.

Reliable small-batch production. 3D printing provides users with the power to do local, customized, and affordable production. It is small batch compared with factory of course, but it allows for customization and artistry. To be precise, the Flashforge Creator Pro 2 3D printer is such a reliable one that could realize dual-color printing and dual mode printing simultaneously. Creator Pro 2, with 2 independent extruders, allows users to print two models at the same time. It is a quite cost-effective 3D printer for individual users to launch small-scale business.

What industries need 3d printing applications?

3D printers applied in advertising logo industry

Business merchants can use 3D printers to make decoratives for outdoor or indoor activities. For instance, they use 3D printers to create characteristic 3D image models, filling them with fluorescent liquid, and making luminous advertising characters as advertising logos, to promote products to consumers. 3D printers produce customized advertisement characters with low cost, various shapes, and with a strong sense of technology. Flashforge AD1 is exactly designed for this use.

What industries need 3d printing applications?

3D printers applied in construction industry

Currently, the 3D printing applications in the architectural field are common, such as to print 3D architectural models and verify the architectural design. The 3D building model can be scaled down, and printed out a reduced version of the house model. It is helpful for designers to display and explain the model, so that customers can vividly understand the designer’s work. After making modification on the design, the designers could easily get a new model by turn on the 3D printer. Typical architectural 3D models are architectural models for real estates, for urban landmark buildings, for cultural and creative buildings, and for tourism projects.

  1. Model modification

Model 3D printing can realize any idea you have, turning your idea into a realistic model that you can see, share, and discuss with your customers hence improving customer’s satisfaction and reduce disputes.

  1. Urban planning

Urban planning is no longer displayed just by drawings. 3D printing allows urban planning to be displayed in three-dimensional form, with all visionary thoughts and building concepts truly visible.

  1. Architectural models for real estates

In traditional way, real estate companies would spend a lot on finding an agency that specializes in model designing and building. The applications of 3D printing allow real estate companies to print the model directly, turning it from 2D to 3D. It saves lots of time and cost.

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The above industries besides, 3D printing is also applied in Jewelry, medication, and apparel. Of course, 3D printing technology is not almighty. There are still many obstacles to overcome on pragmatic applications of 3D printing. Flashforge Developers of 3D printing line are making efforts to take more advances and offer quality 3D printers! To know more info on Flashforge 3D printers, welcome to their official online websites!

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