personal trainer

A personal trainer will dedicate themselves to helping a client achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. They should be qualified and motivated to use their skills in a way that suits and benefits each individual client to see results.

Qualified to train clients to achieve their goals

Personal Trainers should have a minimum REPS level 3 qualification before they can train a client either in the gym or in an environment of the clients choosing. The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) is an independent public Register which recognises the qualifications of health enhancing exercise instructors in the UK and provides a system of regulation to insure personal trainers meet fitness industry’s agreed national occupational standard. 

Many personal trainers also have additional qualifications to train clients using different styles and techniques. For example Slimmer Fitter personal trainers incorporate aerobics, circuits, boxercise, strength training, power training, pilates, flexibility training, martial arts and much more as well as giving nutritional advice and offering sports massage. 

A good personal trainer must also have insurance cover in the unlikely event of any accidents or injuries. 

Motivated to see results every step of the way

At Slimmer Fitter Stronger we believe that four factors make up the ability of a personal trainer to make a real and lasting difference to an individuals life.

  1. Attraction
  2. Ability
  3. Affordability
  4. Availability

With these key ingredients we guarantee clients who use a Not In The gym personal trainer will not be disappointed!

Give a Personal Trainer a chance!

WIth Slimmer Fitter Stronger promise of a no obligation, free consultation before you sign up with any of our trainers it is easier than ever to have your own personal trainer on your terms wherever you want. Find your local personal trainer here now!

How to choose a personal trainer

Navigate the personal trainer maze

More personal trainers like Personal trainer putney are qualifying each year and many are starting their own business and looking for yours. It is important to do research and make sure your investment pays off. Outside of the gym environment a reliable brand such as Slimmer Fitter Stronger is a good place to find a local, qualified and highly motivated personal trainer. 

Decide what you want from a trainer

As the client you are the most critical factor in the relationship and you get to decide where and how you want to be trained. Our personal trainers come to you at any convenient location of your choosing for example in your home, your office, your local park or even your hotel suite!

Personal trainers fit personalities

By meeting a trainer before you book your first session you will be able to find out whether you are suited to them and they to you. At Slimmer Fitter Stronger you can enjoy the benefit of a free consultation with a trainer before you go ahead.

Measure the results to make the most of your personal training sessions

Your personal trainer will keep track of your progress so why shouldn’t you keep track of theirs? Make sure you are pleasure for every step of the way and if not then speak to your trainer and ask them to incorporate any revised requirements or new goals you have, this way you will be motivated and keep seeing results. Meet your local personal trainer here!

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