What Is A Sleeve Bearing?

If you’ve ever wondered what a sleeve bearing is, you’re about to put a rest on all your questions and wonderings.

A sleeve bearing also called a journal or plain bearing is an object comprising a mating component and a bearing surface. It measures the rotational or linear movement between both sides.

Also called bushings, a sleeve bearing is different from the roller or ball bearing that has a rolling action. Instead, it moves in a sliding action. It also self-lubricates, which makes for a smooth operation. The low friction coefficient that results from the lubrication increases wear resistance and reduces heat.

Sleeve bearings are affordable and need little to no maintenance, which makes them a favorite of many people.

What’s the use of a sleeve bearing?

In simple terms, the sleeve bearing makes movement between two components possible, reduces vibration, and reduces friction. With its high load capacity, a sleeve bearing is a perfect fit for several heavy-duty applications.

Large, wholesome sleeve bearings can handle high temperatures and high loads while reducing wear to the barest minimum. They have a contact area with powerful resistance to shock load. They also make up for misaligned components.

Sleeve bearings are light and simple to install. Their applications include lift and tilt devices for the purpose of manufacturing, transmission shaft, electric motors, alongside clevis joints used on hydraulic cylinder pins.

What are the materials and designs of a Sleeve bearing?

Sleeve bearings come in several sizes, but the most common type is the flanged bearing that can handle side and axial loads. However, when dealing with higher side loads, combining a cylindrical bearing and a thrust washer is a perfect choice. When dealing with radial loads, a cylindrical bearing is the best choice.

Bearings are made from several materials, including plastic, and also come in an array of shapes and sizes.

In the last 15 years, Bushing MFG has been leading the industry and providing the best bushings solutions globally. MFG is the one-stop destination for your all-around bearing solution because they are constantly working to provide the best bushings and bearings out there.

Here are the types of bushings Bushing MFG offer:

Plastic Flange Bushes

Plastic flange bushings are used for your air conditioning or HVAC system. They are used for pipe connections.

Oilless PTFE Lubricating Flange Bushing

These flange bushings are used in machinery repair workshops, manufacturing plants, and construction companies. They are self-lubricating, have great anti-abrasion, and lower friction.

Gunmetal Flange Bushing

Gunmetal flange bushings are applied to construction companies, manufacturing plants, and machinery repair workshops. Their features are low friction, high load, and anti-wear.

Flange Oil Free Bushings

These bushings are applied to a lot of areas, including construction and retail companies, building material stores, and machinery repair shops.

Brass Flange Bushings

Brass-flanged bushings are mostly applied in energy and mining industries, construction and manufacturing plants, and machinery repair shops.

Customized Flange Bushings

Bushings MFG can customize flange sleeve bearings that suits your needs and preferences. You can place a customized order for flange bushings and decide what you need in terms of design, material, and size.

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