Pros and cons of boosting accounts in World of WarCraft

Why people use account boosting services.

The answer is obvious. People want useful and valuable equipment, or gold, without wasting their time. No one wants to do a routine in a game after a routine in real life. It is for the fact that in the game to play the game, and not work, people are willing to pay their money.

What is boost?

The literal translation of the word boost is gain. However, this word means little more than its literal translation. Not so long ago people used boost services to upgrade their character or get rare equipment, but now all this has grown into: farming mounts, boosting reputation with game factions, opening up the ability to use fly mounts, completing game tasks and even buying gold in the game.

How did boost originate?

Back in the old days in off-line format. When someone’s neighbor could not beat the boss in the game on a console and asked the neighbor’s boy to help him. When in computer cafes or clubs with consoles, you asked to go through a difficult place in the game. People paid real money for the mission with the helicopter in GTA Vice City, since they could not progress further the game without completing this mission. As time went on, games gradually began to take over the Internet space. With the advent of such a genre of games as MMORPG boosting, it began to gain its popularity. People realized that they can make money on this. They advertised their services in in-game chats and specialized topics on forums dedicated to a particular game. Now the search for this service is greatly simplified by specialized sites on which they post a list of their services and the price for them, directly, by the performers themselves. Also, the use of these sites is completely safe, since the whole process is administered by the moderators of these sites and all payments and checks pass the internal security system. Previously, this was a big problem. All this activity was recognized as fraudulent, as many accounts were stolen and resold.

Basic boost services in World of WarCraft

  1. Character leveling.
  2. Farming rare items. This is a unique opportunity to get rare mounts or items for transmogrification.
  3. Reputation farm. Very important for getting the ability to move on flying mounts. Also for the maximum level of reputation, you can buy from factions, various useful and unusual items and mounts.
  4. Gold farm. Where can we go without it? For gold, you can buy both a subscription and useful BATTLE items of equipment that are very difficult to get in any other way.
  5. Passage of Mythic + dungeons. Also one of the main ways to get pre-raid gear is done in Mythic plus.
  6. Passage of raids. This is the way to get yourself equipped in the most powerful gear available.
  7. Arena rating boosting. If you want to achieve something in PvP, you need things which can be bought for Conquest points, and you will have to fight in the Arena or RBG to earn them. Or, you know, get someone to do it for you.

An obvious plus of boosting your account is saving time and effort. The elimination of the routine from the game, so that the game can be enjoyed more.

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