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If your question is that what is CCIE service provider then it is obvious you are taking interest in IT marketing and technology. Here we are going to discuss a brief detail about CCIE service provider. So don’t go any where. Stay here and we will give you all the details about this.

Lets talk about the new CCIE service provider. SPOTO CCIE service provider It has been renewed with redesigned skills at CCNP level. This certification covers all the areas of core technology and it validates you end to end complete cycle of skills for complex service providing networking. They work from planning and designing to optimising and operating.

What is CCIE service provider:

The CCIE service provider is a certification needed for service provider network engineering who may carry the ability and knowledge of extensible service provider for communications. This exam is used for testing different skills which are related to service provider solutions, integration problems, interoperation configuration, challenges of voice, data, video and troubleshooting in composite networks.  Now the technologies has evolved so there are certain changes in CCIE service providers exam certification too. The revised certification focuses on seeing outlook needs and changing dynamics of an organization. Professionals who have given with this certification are expert in dealing with troubleshooting, configuring tasks and diagnosing problems in networks.

Apart from these roles, the IT industry is creating bigger challenges for them to resolve complexities among networking issues. So this CCIE exam is aimed at seeing their deploying, designing, operating with optimizing technologies and solution deployments. The other important and emerging focus of this exam is on network programmability and mechanisation.

What are the settlements for CCIE exams?

Now lets discuss some of the settlements for CCIE exams. This exam is set in a way that the participant can get skills of all the networking issues related to service providing. Its syllabus cover all the topics related to organisational need and job roles. The candidates get all the skills which makes them validated across the life cycle of networking and computers. The candidates who get this certification successfully get the skills of network programmability and automation because both of these components are covered in the syllabus.

Requirements of exams for CCIE service provider

For getting certification of CCIE service provider, you must have to get these below two tests.

  1. The first one is operating and implementing Cisco services for network core technologies. It focuses on your education related to infrastructure of service providers, core architecture, networking, services, quality of services, automation, network and security assurance.
  2. The second one is a lab exam which is based on eight hours of hand work. It tests the life cycle of different complex networking issues from deploying to designing and optimizing and operating.

Moreover you must have to pass this lab exam within 3 years of passing out your core exams.


Well there are not very formal prerequisites for this certification but it is preferred that candidate should have five to seven years for experience in deploying, designing, operating, optimizing solutions and enterprise wireless technologies.

Recommend training:

The exam required for this training is 350-501 SPCOR and the implemented training course for this certification is implementing a operating Cisco service provider network core technologies. (SPCOR)


Recertification is really important indicator for you and your employer which keeps you updated with all the current trends and updated functionality of your certifications.SPOTO All of your certifications demands a three year deadline of recertification.

For recertification you must need;

  • Pass out any of the expert level certification exams
  • Must have passed any CCIE lab exam
  • Pass out any three professional concentration exams
  • Do have a clearance of any one technology core exam
  • Pass any one professional concentration exam

How you can pass CCIE service provider certification in 2021?

You can pass this exam by joining out any of the training programs in your city. There are many qualified institutions which are giving remarkable training programs for passing out in this exam.

Market trends of CCIE service providers:

The market is looking for expert and competent CCIE service providers. So there is a huge scope for professionals to get job in this area with in depth skills.

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