What is difference between LED Track light and Magnetic track light

What is a track light?

As the name suggests, a track light is a light installed on the track, the illumination angle can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it is generally used as a spotlight where key lighting is required.

There is no fixed space for the use of track lights. Whether it is commercial lighting or home lighting, you can use it to achieve focused lighting effects.

What is The advantages of led track light?

  1. Free movement Flexible lighting

It can move the position of the lamp head, flexibly illuminate, and adjust the light source density.

  1. Flexible adjustment to play the effect

It can change the direction of light irradiation to create a rich light source effect.

  1. Different lamp types adapt to the situation

Different types of track lights are suitable for different spaces with different floor heights, as well as with the overall effect of the space.

The use of track lights is not limited by space and scope, and it can be installed on a variety of ceilings, such as grid-shaped ceilings, ceiling-less ceilings, slotted flat ceilings, and surface-mounted flat ceilings.

What is Magnetic Track Light?

Magnetic track light is to use magnetism to adsorb the light fixture on the track, and use the conductive sheet in the light fixture assembly to contact the conductive strip in the track body, so as to supply power to the light fixture assembly.

What is the advantages of magnetic Track Lights?

  1. Magnetic design, easy to disassemble

The magnetic suction lamp is all on the track, and there is no need for multiple openings and hidden lines. The lamp is sucked up, press and hold the buckle to take it down, and it will be done in one second.

  1. It can be equipped with a variety of light sources

The light source can be freely selected, allowing DIY matching to meet the lighting needs of different scenes.

  1. Low voltage 48V input, safe and risk-free

Because the magnetic track light can directly replace the mobile light, it must have high safety. 48V voltage will not have any problems even if it is installed with electricity.

  1. Flexible installation way

There are three main installation methods of magnetic track: embedded track, surface mounted track and hoisting track.

What is the difference between led track light and magnetic track light?

  1. Price

Magnetic track lights are slightly more expensive, while ordinary track lights are relatively cheap.

  1. Input Voltage

The magnetic suction track is generally 48v safe voltage, which is harmless to the human body under normal circumstances; the ordinary track generally has a stronger load capacity of 220v, which can drive more high-power lamps and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

  1. Installation

The magnetic attraction track needs to be slotted and embedded in advance; the ordinary track generally does not need slotting, and it can be directly installed.

  1. style

The styles of magnetic track lamps are more diverse, and they are small and mini; ordinary track lamps have relatively few styles.

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