What Are the Advantages of Living in Canada

Did you know that Canada accepts roughly 341,000 permanent residents in a year? Approximately 75% of Canada’s population growth comes from immigration in the economic category.

Living in Canada is an absolute dream come true because it is one of the world’s most beautiful and safest countries. You will be hard-pressed not to walk down the street to find friendly faces and the smell of delicious poutine wafting in the air.

If you crave a change of pace and scenery for you and your family members, here is everything you need to know about moving to Canada and what it is actually like.

What Living in Canada Is Like?

One of the top reasons Canada is such a popular choice for moving to another country is its multiculturalism. Canada’s lifestyle is a tossed salad as opposed to a melting pot.

It harmoniously blends various languages, ethnicities, and cultures. You can easily feel accepted in Canada no matter where you come from. When you move to this land of maple syrup, you will find your spot in its culture in no time.

Canada takes pride in being a progressive and diverse society, which is one of the major benefits of living in another country for foreigners.

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Unique Wildlife

When you are moving to Canada, the first thing you will notice is the country’s abundance of nature. Canada boasts 20% of the world’s fresh water in its rivers and lakes.

It also has the longest coastline on the planet. You can also expect to bump into some bobcats, black bears, and howling wolves. If you go for a hike in the woods to enjoy the gorgeous scenery all around, always pay attention and stick to safe trails.

If that is not enough, Canada’s waters are also vibrant full of unique sea life. You can often see orcas, humpback whales, and sea otters. If you love polar bears, you will be thrilled to know that two-thirds of them are also permanent residents of Canada.

Scenic Attractions

Canada boasts up to 10 million square kilometers of breathtaking landscape with several spots that look like they belong on a postcard.

If you want an overdose of glorious scenery that will make your Instagram pictures seem as though you are a travel influencer, you must check out Banff National Park and Lake Louise.

Some other top highlights that should never be missed are Red Sands at Prince Edward Island, Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island, and Big Muddy Badlands in Saskatchewan.

For those who like taking the extra step towards a great adventure, check out Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in British Columbia. The only problem is that the weather in Canada can get very cold.

You should always prepare yourself with the warmest outfits to avoid freezing if you are not used to low temperatures.

Friendly People

Although moving to another country can be daunting, Canada’s friendly people always make it worth the journey. The people in Canada are generally helpful, friendly, hard-working, and kind.

This helpfulness and friendliness sum up Canadian culture. This can be refreshing to see if you come from a place where everyone is snappy with road rage.

Canadians are gentle souls who genuinely will make you feel like they care about you, and you will also want to reciprocate that same respect.

The next time you go to an ice hockey game, do not forget to get in the local spirit with an “Eh!” at the end of your sentences.

Canada will feel like the safest place with such generous people around you. It is the perfect country to raise children if you want safety and security.

If you decide to settle down in Canada, you will feel right at home from the moment you move in.

Best Education

Canada takes education very seriously and spends more per capita than other countries. International students globally rank Canada as the 2nd most welcoming country. The country is also a massive contributor to the science, medical, and tech fields.

It promotes research and advancement and is ranked the number one country in the world with a focus on education since half the population has a post-secondary degree. Universities in Canada are highly recognized worldwide, so you should have no issues finding a job anywhere.

World-Class Cities

If you are young and do not want to hole yourself in the countryside just yet, Canada also has the best nightlife that you can enjoy. The cities in Canada are some of the most developed and beautiful in the world.

For instance, Vancouver and Toronto are always buzzing with energy. This is where you will find the bustling urban areas filled with industrial and commercial opportunities to find your dream job.

Although these cities are expensive and busy, you can take advantage of public transport to get around and save money on fuel, parking, and vehicle maintenance costs.

Free Healthcare

Foreigners who are living in Canada always boast about the free healthcare system. This is paid by taxes and is available to all citizens and permanent residents.

This way, you never need to be stressed about paying for expensive medical procedures. Instead of drowning in hospital bills, Canada takes care of you to provide the best future for your family.

Enjoy All Seasons

Now that you know what it is like living in Canada, you will be thrilled to know that this is a magical place where you can experience all four seasons. There is nothing like the warmth of spring and the smell of cold air during winter.

The best part is that the frozen lakes also turn into ice skating rinks, so everything becomes a winter wonderland for your family to enjoy sledding and snow angels.

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