suits and sports jackets

Whether it is work or a formal occasion, it is a must to appear presentable. Your appearance from head to toe must reveal your position and determination. If you want to close the deal with your clients and or ace your job interview, it is definitely important to be well-groomed. You can look dapper with either men’s sport jackets or sleek suits. You can also buy blazers for formal occasions to carry off a modern look. Although many use the terms like suits, jackets and blazers interchangeably, they have their differences. If you know the differences, you can buy the right jacket and wear them accordingly. Additionally, you get to know the history of the three classic menswear pieces. So, read on to know about them and the difference.

Blazer Jacket

The blazer was a jacket of choice in the nineteenth century for the British Navy. In 1837, the British Royal Navy gave approval for this garment, making it very popular among men. At that time, it was double-breasted with six buttons. Additionally, only the navy colour was utilised for the blazers. They were also used among rowing clubs in England that would allow them to move around without any restriction. At present, you can find many blazers that highlight a man’s build. They are versatile and often mistaken for a sports jacket. The fabrics used to make these garments are worsted wool, serge, cashmere, flannel and fresco. Apart from the navy colour, you can find them in lighter shades, bright and vibrant colours. Green, red, and bright stripes are occasionally seen among wearers who identify themselves as members of the team or club. The common types of blazers are 2-button single-breasted jackets, 3-button single-breasted and 6-button single-breasted jackets. The 2-button jackets are quite common, whereas the 3-button jacket is perfect for men taller than 6 feet. For formal occasions, you can wear a 6-button single-breasted blazer jacket with jetted pockets. You can pair them with trousers and formal shoes. Furthermore, you can wear jeans with blazers for an informal occasion.

Suit Jackets

Most men on the planet own a suit jacket. It is only a suit jacket if you pair them with matched trousers of the exact same fabric. If you wear it like a blazer and pair it with jeans or other trousers, it might fade differently than the other suit trousers. Also, suit jackets must be closer and tighter than the blazers or sports jackets since they are not meant to be layered. If you want to dress sharp, you can wear them to not look out of place. They are lightweight, fine and made from high-quality materials. The most common fabrics used in making them are silk, linen, seersucker, cashmere, worsted wool and linen. When it comes to colours, you will mostly find them in solid, foundation colours. The common types are 2-button single-breasted jackets, 3-button single-breasted and 6-button double-breasted jackets. The 2-button single-breasted jackets are the most common and timeless versions. The 3-button jacket looks excellent for taller men, whereas the 6-button jacket is considered highly formal and utilised for special occasions. If you are dressing without a tie, you can pair them with dress loafers or monk straps.

Sports Jacket

In the past, men wore jackets with trousers of different colours for sporting activities like shooting since they were not considered suitable formal wear. It was first viewed as a luxurious item, which many men couldn’t afford at that time. The men’s sport jacket became less known as a garment for shooting and more of a sharp, casual style over time. You can find it in different colours and patterns and has a looser fit. It is an extremely versatile piece and ideal for both jeans and trousers, particularly made from grey flannel, moleskin and corduroy. Due to its Italian design, it is lightweight in nature. The fabric utilised in making this garment is flannel, tweed or herringbone. The common types of this garment are the 2-button single-breasted and 3-button single-breasted jackets. The footwear to complement this garment entirely depends upon your choice of trousers. If you want a casual look with jeans, you can wear dress boots, double monks and slip-on loafers.

Difference between blazer jacket, suit jacket and sport jacket

Although there are subtle differences, they are quite similar to each other. All jackets are excellent, and there is no garment better than the other. Your choice of garments entirely depends upon the occasion and your need. Each jacket will allow you to look sharp regardless.

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