Sports betting is a favourite for many punters, bringing in 200 billion United States Dollars in 2019 alone. However, the industry suffered a blow in 2020 due to the pandemic and is only rising once again in 2021. The legality surrounding sports betting remains dicey and illegal in some countries, while there are major restrictions on betting activities in others. 

The gambling regulations and stricter rules due to the pandemic have led to a drop in revenue generated. But, players still take an interest in current sports and look forward to the next big championships or league. Sportsbooks even offer no deposit bonuses at Canadian casinos online to sports bettors to simplify their gaming activities online. Players get information on all sports and statistics on every outcome, team constituents, and much more. It is this data that can tell which sport is most profitable. Some of the most beneficial sports to gamers include:

  • Soccer (European Football)
  • American Football 
  • Horse Racing 
  • Tennis 
  • Boxing 

Soccer (European Football)

Soccer remains the most popular sports betting choice amongst individuals living in Europe and especially in Italy. The country hosts the Serie A football championships. Statista records that the sport brought in a total of 9.7 billion euros in 2020, which is a drop from 2019’s 10.4 billion euros. The main reason why individuals pick football as a popular sports betting choice is that most popular players or teams maintain their positions during a match. The probabilities and the odds attached to a game are always in favour of the winning team. For instance, if Lionel Messi is playing and the bet is he will score a goal, the most probable outcome is that he will score. Therefore, the chance is almost straightforward, and the likelihood of its occurrence is higher. 

At the same time, the sport offers many betting opportunities. However, professionals advise going for bets on ties. Tie bets offer the best probable outcomes and the highest payouts. But, it is essential to note that the outcome can always be against your bet of choice. Also, it is easy to follow football sports bets as the games have a specific timeline. For instance, you can bet on Serie A and await the Bundesliga to commence. If you do not get a profitable outcome from the two, you can always wait for the world cup and wager then! The benefits attached in case of a positive outcome may even be better.

American Football 

In the United States, American football takes over the sports betting arena once the season commences. Statista ranks American football as a game where most citizens of the country have sports betting interests and are willing to take action once betting restrictions are lifted or when travelling to a state where gambling is legal. The National Football League holds 256 games in a single season, and the matches avail several betting opportunities to players. The lucrative opportunities are coupled with bonuses and other sportsbook promos online. These make betting much livelier. 

The outcomes of betting on NFL teams and players are similar to football. In most instances, the stronger or dominating teams retain their titles. Thus, bets or winning teams have suitable odds but minimal payout. However, betting on a tie can bring your better profits. But, the likelihood of its occurrence/ odds is very low. As a competitive sport, it is easier to say that any outcome is a potential occurrence in this specific sport. If not sure, always check the stats and other data given by Sportsbooks online on the teams before deciding.

Horse Racing 

It is one of the resilient sports that entertain the Britons in today’s world. The sport earned the United Kingdom over 136 million British pounds in half a year, starting April to September of 2020. However, the numbers are a drop compared to the same period the previous year (2019). It may not garner huge crowds like American football or European football. However, it is an easy sport to learn, bet, and most likely to win. Players have to know the players, the horses, and other essential statistical outcomes for the player and his horse over time. New players without knowledge of horse racing can assume that the horses have equal winning chances. 

But, different animals have different stamina, and the relationship between a horse and its rider can determine who wins the race. Therefore, placing a wager on any horse will require continuous knowledge of the horse and its rearing. Also, check out the rider and follow the recorded tipsters online. But, do not make the mistake of copying them! Some are genuine and knowledgeable, and some are not. Use the information you have gathered and make the correct prediction. You never know; it might be your profitable sports bet yet! 


The matches held in this specific sport are individual. Therefore, sports betting websites may find it challenging to keep up with all specifics. As a result, players or bettors stand a better chance to win reasonable amounts if you pursue the sport. Plus, players on the tennis course tend to accumulate points at a very high rate. Each point up or down is a potential winning shot. Also, bookmarkers tend to differ in opinion and can result in issuing better deals than any other sport. To make things much better for bettors, you can become a professional tennis bettor very fast and easily. The information on a single match is only about two players or four on the higher side. Mastering the player statistics and individuals, plus the in-play tennis betting strategies is easy. Therefore, you can make huge profits on tennis betting and pick it as a profitable sport to bet on online or offline!


When it comes to profitable spots through betting, boxing always tops the list. The main reason is the absence of variety in its sporting bet outcomes. For instance, you can tie, win or lose in a boxing match. The other bets include a knockout. However, some websites will only issue bets like lightweight, super, and super featherweight bets. With only three offers in a whole match, the odds of making it out with a prize pool are high. Plus, boxing matches are continuous with no disruptions making it easy to make money throughout the year. Some games, such as the NFL or Serie A, are seasonal. These only come for a few months, and you have to wait till the next season in the following year. Boxing delivers you winnings all year round.


The most profitable sports to bet on are those with the most likely outcomes. Players should pick marks whose teams are consistent, and results are almost the same. If the outcomes are not as expected, one can win in other aspects that remain the same, i.e. the same scorer, putting in the winning goal, even if the team you selected lost the overall title!

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