What Is The Purpose Of A Cabin Filter

Day by day, we are realizing that the quality of the air that we breathe is not that great. It is getting more polluted. This has been making our lungs weaker by accelerating the aging process of our lungs. This results in a plethora of diseases in our bodies. The importance of clean air stands undebated. We have been walking a few small steps towards clean air but are also destroying the oxygen level in the air through acts just as deforestation and rapid industrialization. Now, in this already dirty air, if our cars also generate polluted air to us to breathe in that small space, it causes more immediate reactions to our bodies. New automobile manufacturers have recognized the problem and tended to it as well.

Cabin filters are devices that are particularly behind the glove box. They filter out dust particles and other pollutants thus working as a wonderful filtering agent for your car. Cabin air filters available online can be purchased, some of which are perfectly customized systems for your car. These cabin filters have asbestos fiber. Moreover, the filter can also be used separately for the air pressurizing system as well. If you notice that your car has an unpleasant odor or is giving you some sort of allergies, it might be the time that your cabin filter has gone old and dirty. This can prove extremely harmful for people in the car.

So, now that you know what is a cabin filter, before buying a new one, you should know its uses as well:

Cleaning the air: The cabin filter maintains the heating and cooling of the car and therefore keeps the air inside the car fresh. The air that you are breathing inside the car is constantly getting pure through this component in your car. The air is drawn into the car through a passage behind the engine or under the hood. This air then passes through the heating box where the air is filtered. This is where the dust and other physical substances are removed from the air. In some advanced cars, the cabin filters also filter out airborne materials. If you are someone who has a major respiratory illness or allergy, you should install the most up-to-date cabin filter. Moreover, an unclean car environment can also lead to accidents. An article in the Washington Post said that sneezing during driving can cause the driver to go on at least 50 feet with their eyes closed. This can prove to be extremely dangerous because it might lead to fatal accidents.

Heating and cooling system: It is fascinating how much the car is working to keep everything going smoothly. As the car moves and air enters through the compartment behind the engine, it goes through a series of devices that first clean it and direct it towards a particular way. Once the air reaches the heat exchanger or the evaporator, the air is cooled by the air conditioner. The better your cabin filters, the more they efficiently process this heating and cooling effect in your car.

Removing odor: The cabin filters help in making the air within the car clean. It is an important device now, more than ever. However, through this air purifying process, cabin filters also remove the unpleasant smell that comes from cars by filtering all the germs out. People don’t understand but the bad odor is an indicator of decaying cabin filters. It simply means that the heating box and blower are not doing their job well.

Thus, now that you know the extremely important uses of cabin air filters, you should keep a keen check on whether your car’s filter is working well or not. Not only is it a matter of self-health but also a matter of life and death. However, how quickly cabin filters decay is subjective. In areas where there is more pollution, the cabin filters will go bad more quickly when compared to areas where the air pollution is less. The cabin air filters can be changed manually or by mechanics depending on where they are located in your car. If they are right behind the glove box you can do it yourself by following the manual. If not, then you will have to hire an expert. Either way, make sure to get your cabin filters checked regularly but especially if you’re experiencing discomfort breathing inside your car.

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