What is ThopTv What are The Feature that Makes people crazy for it

If you are looking for an alternative for Netflix, YouTube, and more than all a mini television that will let you access every TV channel remotely from everywhere any time then ThopTV is the best choice for you.

This TV application is the best source of watching ultimate full-length movies, comics, and TV dramas, and no matter what production that has you will have access to almost 3000 TV channels around the globe.

This single application will give you a premium plan to get into the world of enjoyment without getting bothered by the restriction over the number of channels and geographic content.

In this article, we have mentioned top features in a more attractive manner that will let you understand all the functionalities of this TV mobile application. A best alternative of Thoptv Can be a Youtube Blue, which has some premium features like thoptv.

Top Features

Below we have mentioned the top features that ThopTV will provide you over your mobile device. The list of some of its best features is long but we have tried to summarize it for you.


Variation in TV channels is one of its intelligent features and you can not only watch a single channel but can switch among 4000 TV channels around the globe.

Those channels will be accessible every time anywhere but the key requirement is stable internet connectivity. So if you have stable internet connectivity then there will be no picture and video loading error and issue.


One of its best features is this application is totally compatible with many android devices but the only requirement is that that device should have an operating system’s version 4.0 and above.


Security is most of the above all other features. This is although a Modded application and still not available on the google play store but you will find this application safe and sound for the security of your mobile device.

Radio Channels

Not only the video channels, Movie channels but you will have access over the radio channels also. That is more than 400 radio channels will be under one click.

Along with that, you will not only be bound to get into the radio channel s of your area only but you will easily access the other channels too.

Video Quality

Among the variety of TV channels, you can not only switch among those channels but you can also select the quality of video according to your own choice.

For instance, you have switched among channels and you are not satisfied with the video quality of the video you are just watching you can change that enhances the quality from the settings manually.

Mini Television

This application will work as a completely mini TV in your pocket. Which will let you access over many TV channels regardless of the categories. This application is actually a portable television which is handy from every aspect.


Those 4000 channels which not be bound to a single category you will have the choice to watch any video whether that is a movie, comic, or any drama.

You will not be bound to geographic content that is you will not be forced to watch only the content of your country or state but you will have access over the entire globe.


Above mentioned features are quite enough to know about the importance of this application.  But still, our verdict about this application is positive.

But the only issue which we think of is its Modded one. Because Modded applications are not safe as far as those applications are concerned which have availability on the google play store.

As many people can’t afford Netflix, Hotstar, etc. In this situation, ThopTv is highly recommended for those people. It has rich features and every Tv program and Movies. Everything will be available here just like Netflix.

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