What is trending in graphic illustration in 2021?

Life nowadays is in an unstable time, and it can be seen in all areas of life. The design is not an exception. Every year appear new styles and trends. Some of them come for a short time, while others stay unchanged for a long time. These illustration trends will be popular in 2021.

Elements of nature

Due to the pandemic, many people have not been able to get enough enjoyment of nature due to self-isolation. Graphic design is able solve this problem. It adds a piece of nature, changing the visual component of human life. Organic, natural, earthy colors and tones are what you need to replenish the balance. 


Beautiful abstraction in web design sometimes works better than photos and even videos. Especially if you add some animation and interaction effects. Today we have collected sites that use abstract elements. Pay attention to this trend, which gives such freedom of imagination. 

Unusual color combinations and blur effects

Despite the fact that the designer is absolutely free in the choice of color, the trends are still tending towards muted shades and monochrome colors. People want softness and calmness in the chaos around them. The classic combination of black and white is popular. Also, for example, combinations of pastel green with white can look advantageous; blue with mint; mustard with beige. 

3D typography

We live in a time of a large number of information resources. In order for the circulation of the received information to be assimilated faster, you need to help visually, using simple icons. 


The classic combination of black and white is a timeless trend. The viewer is accustomed to colorful digital shots, so it’s easier to grab their attention with black and white images. Black and white graphics create the greatest possible contrast between background and text.

The main rule: keep the balance of colors, otherwise you will get mourning or emotionless officialdom. In general, monochrome is not boring, it is stylish. 

Interaction of fonts and objects

The font and image do not have to be separate elements. They can overlap, complement each other and mix. Through experimentation and imagination, it is possible to create spectacular illustrations.

The main rule: do not get carried away with the process. The font should read well and contrast with the image, and the image itself should not be overloaded with elements. It’s one of the best mobile design practices.

Geometric shapes

A lot of meaning to a design can be added with geometric shapes. This trend has not changed for many years. Geometric shapes are actively used nowadays by both 2D and 3D designs.

Classic vintage fonts

Vintage-style fonts, available nowadays, are exclusive and elegant. They are chosen for a variety of projects, as they can be suitable for any type of them.


Graphic design trends are strongly influenced by social media. Since emoji are a popular way to express emotions, they are actively used by designers in website design.


Natural motifs in graphic design are the undisputed trend of 2021. It all started in the spring of 2020, when the self-isolation regime was turned on all over the world. The desire and opportunity to be alone with nature has strengthened the trend for eco-branding. At this point, urbanization began to lose heavily. The trend has not changed, so in the new year illustrations with stone or wood textures, plants, remain at the peak of popularity.

The eco-friendly design of the brand assumes two actual design shades – green and black. Moreover, eco-friendly fonts (for example, Ecofont) are gaining popularity, which help to save up to 25% ink when printing.

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