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Different types of servers have been introduced by web hosting providers in Pakistan. In this article, we will primarily focus on VPS hosting services. Keep reading to get all the details and guidelines about the VPS hosting.

What is VPS hosting?

One of them is Virtual Private Server abbreviated as VPS hosting. It is famous among website owners because it provides better services as compared to shared hosting. Such as security, performance, and reliability. Whereas, the cost of VPS hosting is less than a dedicated server. Thus, it is a combination of quality as well as affordability. 

With VPS hosting, users can install applications and get better access to the services without the involvement of the hosting provider. Moreover, separate bandwidth and storage are provided thus other websites on the same server are not affected. In simple words, VPS is the dedicated space on a shared server. 

Advantages of VPS hosting

The advantages of VPS hosting includes

  • More customization flexibility over the server
  • VPS hosting is not expensive and beginners can also afford it
  • Quality services similar to a dedicated server
  • Security is higher as the customers using VPS are less affected by the cyber-attacks
  • It is scalable thus one can get resources according to the website requirement

Types of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is further classified into various categories for the ease of customers to pick the one that suits their requirements.

  • Unmanaged VPS

As the names indicate, the unmanaged VPS hosting provides complete control and all the activities of the server need to be handled by the owner himself. It includes installation of software and its updates, monitoring the threats and managing it, backup the services, etc. Unmanaged VPS hosting is a perfect choice for those who have good technical knowledge. 

  • Managed VPS

Unlike unmanaged hosting, managed hosting comes with the technical facilities that handle the various tasks of the server and take care of it. IT experts will always keep an eye on the server and other required updates. It is a good choice for the company to have a non-technical staff or a small number of team members. 

Comparison of VPS hosting

VPS hosting can be compared with shared as well as dedicated hosting. VPS hosting is similar to shared hosting as it also shares the server. But the difference is that the server is individually shared among the users. Thus, no one can use other useful resources. It is somehow similar to the dedicated server due to the dedicated resources and custom configuration. However, the resources are limited. But users can upgrade the package and get the resources according to the requirement. Thus, the user will not be required to pay for the services they are not using. This facility makes VPS hosting a cheap and cost-friendly choice.

Why choose VPS hosting?

Various reasons make VPS hosting a better choice. 

  • The dedicated server is available within the shared hosting
  • It is similar to having an apartment in a huge building. So, why pay for a whole apartment (dedicated hosting) or have a shared room (shared hosting) when you can get an individual apartment (VPS hosting).
  • With your VPS you can get proper privacy as no one can get into your disk space, memory, bandwidth, CPU, etc.
  • Quality services are available at an affordable cost.
  • It is a perfect upgrade plan from shared hosting.

Final Words

VPS hosting provides quality and customization services within the shared server. Moreover, it is affordable and provides all the services that can make your business grow well. 

We hope this information will be helpful. Thank you for reading.

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