Off-roading requires a lot of gear, and that gear needs to be stored somewhere. That’s where efficient and durable off-road storage solutions come in. There are many different storage systems available for off-road vehicles, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

By understanding the different types of off-road storage systems, you can better understand which one will work best for your needs.

1. Rear Mount Drawers

Rear mount drawer storage systems are one of the most popular types of storage systems for off-road vehicles. Rear mount off-road drawers are convenient because they’re easy to access. You can simply open the rear door or tailgate and reach in to get whatever you need.

With options for lightweight double, triple, and single drawer systems, you can find the perfect rear-mount drawer storage solution for your off-roading needs.

Rear mount systems also have the advantage of being out of the way when driving. They don’t obstruct your view or take up space inside the vehicle.

2. Food Storage

No off-roading adventure is complete without a great meal, and you can’t cook without a place to keep your supplies. Therefore, food storage for your vehicle is an essential component of any off-roading adventure.

To ensure plenty of room for snacks, drinks, and big meals, choose a food storage system that can be expanded as your needs change. This can be as simple as a fridge in drawer unit that can be easily removed and accessed from the back of the vehicle or as complex as a full kit-out that offers ample storage for all your food and cooking necessities.

3. Slide Storage Systems

As an alternative to lightweight drawer units that keep your equipment organised and accessible, slide storage systems are designed for easier access. They’re perfect for storing heavy items, bulky, or long items such as kayaks, fishing rods, or recovery gear.

Slide storage systems mount on the floor of your off-road vehicle and typically come with stainless steel ball bearings that ensure easy and smooth operation. Some systems even come with a locking mechanism to keep your gear securely in place while you’re on the move.

Are Off-Road Storage Solutions Heavy?

Keeping your load light is key to any good off-roading adventure. There are several off-road storage systems that are designed to be super lightweight, weighing in at less than 40 kilos.

This means that you can easily add one of these storage systems to your off-road vehicle without worrying about overloading it. So whether it’s extra storage space at the back or increased accessibility on the sides, there’s an off-road storage solution to meet your needs without weighing your off-road vehicle down.

Get Off-Road Storage Solutions

Off-road vehicles can be best enjoyed when you’re prepared for anything. And that means having the right storage solutions for all of your gear. By understanding the different types of off-road storage systems, you can choose the right one to make your outdoor adventures more enjoyable.

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