What Kinds of Flowers you can Preserve With Resin

Resin flower preservation is a modern way of making your flowers last longer by sealing them in air-tight containers or making jewelry containing resin and other vital ingredients. This article will discuss what types of flowers you can preserve with resin. Resin also protects the flowers from fading and keeps them fresher for an extended period.

Resin is a great material for preserving flowers

Resin is a great material for preserving flowers because it doesn’t damage the flowers as much as alcohol does. Resin also dries much faster than alcohol does and can be mixed with other types of powdered materials. Resin can be mixed with food-grade glycerine, alcohol, and even honey to make all-natural paint or varnish. Different resins produce different results. The most common recipe for making polymerized resin is a one-to-one ratio of zinc metal and gum rosin, but there are other types of resins that you can use as well. While putting in the time and effort to make your resin can be exciting, buying resin from a store may sometimes be more cost-effective.

Different kinds of resins to use

There are many different steps for preserving flowers with resin. Magenta Flower follows the proper process of preserving flowers with resin. Some of the most common resins are epoxy, polyester, and polyurethane. There are many ways to preserve flowers that include air drying, freezing, freezing with alcohol, powdered with sugar, and using resin. Also, check out epoxy resin kit.

What happens if my flower’s petals fall off?

You can preserve flowers in several ways, but resin is one of the most common methods. You can use resin for roses, hydrangeas, and even tulips. The process requires that you choose the right container, preserve liquid, and mix it all in a pot or jar. You then place the flower into the container and add a thick layer of liquid on top. After that’s done, you’ll need to seal it with a lid before it starts to harden.


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