What Questions Should I Ask Before Hiring an Auto Accident Attorney

Were you recently in a car accident?

The sooner you secure an auto accident attorney, the easier it’ll be able to receive the compensation you deserve. However, with over 1,335,936 lawyers in America, how do you choose the right one to represent you? It’s as simple as knowing the right questions to ask!

To help you out, we’ve created this short, but complete guide, all about picking the right attorney for your case. From finding a customer service-focused law firm to making sure you’re getting a fair deal, we’ll cover everything you need to know.

Read on to learn what questions to ask before hiring a lawyer.

Check Their Customer Service

To start your search, write down a list of law firms that are close to your home. If you’re willing to work with the attorney virtually, you can expand your radius search even more. However, if you prefer meeting in person, you’ll want to make sure the law firm’s within an hour or less from where you live.

Next, call each law firm, and notice how they treat you from the moment they answer the phone. If you don’t receive class A customer service then hang up and call the next law firm. The last thing you want to do is start working with a law firm that doesn’t put the clients first.

You should also take a moment to view website and social media accounts of potential law firms. A quality law firm will have a solid online presence. Their website should be user-friendly, and clearly state the names of their lawyers.

Talk About Experience

Moving on, the best car accident attorney is one that has a ton of experience. After you find a law firm that has wonderful customer service, find out how long they’ve been in business.

Sometimes law firms will say things like, “We have over 80 years of experience.” because they’re combining each lawyer’s number of years on the job. However, you need to know how many years of experience the lawyer you’ll be working with has.

Ask About Free Consultations

Did you find a seasoned lawyer? Great! The next step in securing car accident help will be to set up a consultation. We suggest holding out for a law firm that’s willing to provide you with a free consultation.

However, simply scheduling a free consultation doesn’t mean you’re going to work with that attorney. Instead, the consultation will be a chance for you to interview the potential attorney even further.

How Strong Is Your Case?

During the free consultation, it’s a good idea to give your lawyer as much evidence as you can. For instance, things like an accident report, witness testimony, and medical records are incredibly helpful. You should also provide them with a detailed account of the accident.

We suggest doing a quick voice recording so you can recount all of the details of the crash. When you meet with the attorney, play the voice recording for them.

After they review all of the evidence, the lawyer should be able to tell you if you have a strong or weak case. Ask the auto accident attorney for details about why they think your case is weak or strong.

Possible Case Outcomes

Did the attorney say they think you have a strong case? Wonderful. Now you can proceed by asking what they think the potential outcome will be.

How much compensation do they think you can receive for the case? How long do they think your case will take? Next, find out what the road ahead will look like for you as their client.

Will they need you to undergo further medical examinations? What things can you do to help strengthen your case even more?

Lastly, find out if they’ll be willing to take your case to trial. Oftentimes, personal injury lawsuits don’t need to go to trial. Settling outside of the courtroom can save a lot of money and time.

However, if your case does need to go to trial, you’ll want a lawyer who’s willing to do so. Listen closely to whatever advice the attorney gives, and take notes so you don’t forget any details.

Personality Check

Pay attention to how the attorney speaks to you during your consultation. Are they kind and patient? If at any time you feel like the lawyer’s rushing you, or putting you down, it’s time to take your business elsewhere.

It’s not that you have to become best friends with your attorney. However, you should feel comfortable working with them. A great attorney will know how to make you feel valued, and heard.

Do They Offer Contingency Payment Plans?

Last but not least, you’ll need to discuss your payment options with the attorney. A great thing about working with personal injury lawyers is that they’re usually willing to work on a contingency basis. A contingency payment plan means the lawyer will receive a percentage of your claim payout.

If you don’t win your case, then you don’t have to pay the lawyer a percentage of anything. Contingency plans usually require very little, or no money upfront. However, every lawyer’s different.

Ask your attorney to outline the details of the fee structure so there aren’t any surprises. If you think they’re asking for a percentage that’s too high, keep looking for a better deal.

After attending 2-3 free consultations, you can compare the percentage fees that each lawyer proposed. You can also use previous quotes to help negotiate better terms.

Find the Best Auto Accident Attorney

Now you know what questions to find the best auto accident attorney. Go ahead and start creating a list of law firms you’d like to work with. Next, set up 2-3 free consultations.

After going to each consultation, choose the lawyer with the most experience, who’s also offering the best price. However, remember to assess how their personality meshes with yours before making any final decisions. Once you find a lawyer who’s affordable, experienced, and personable, you’ll be good to go!

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