What Rolling Paper Alternatives Can You Use for Joints and Spliffs

In the contemporary weed culture where vapes and dabs are becoming more and more popular, nothing can compare to the pure gratification from rolling a good old fatty. No matter where in the world you may be, rolling up a fat cannabis joint is a sure way to let the good times roll. If you are still a newbie in the cannabis community, you will do well to learn about joints and spliffs, the two different ways to roll the weed. Knowing the difference between these two epic rolling methods is a great weapon to have in your marijuana knowledge arsenal. Joints and spliffs can be made using rolling paper, but there are some good rolling paper alternatives as well (North York weed delivery).

If you are a novice smoker, it is pretty normal to get confused between joints and spliffs. The basic fact is that both versions are essentially ground weed rolled up in some paper. These are the most classic ways of rolling and have a few key differences that set them apart. Knowing the differences between a spliff and a joint will make you feel more confident when you are around veteran smokers. As you get to know more about the differences, you will be able to decide on which one you prefer.

Rolling papers and rolling paper alternatives

Your weed smoking experience will be determined by the kind of paper that you use to roll your spliff or joint. If you use hemp papers, for example, the smoke won’t be as sweet as if you used tobacco paper. Using a thick rolling paper will make the weed burn much slower. To roll a spliff, you can either use loose paper or pre-rolls. If you use pre-rolls, you need to take extra care not to tear it apart. However, quality preroll cones are usually pretty durable. If you want to roll a joint, you will need to use loose paper. There are also some aromatic papers on the market. Some people enjoy the aromas, while some smokers just cannot tolerate them. Those who don’t like them believe that they interfere with the complex aroma of the weed itself and the whole smoking experience.

 What’s the Difference Between Joints or Spliffs

Joints are the most common and probably the trendiest of the two rolling methods. All you need to roll a joint is some dried cannabis flowers and some rolling paper or a rolling paper alternative. The papers are typically made of rice, flour, or hemp and come in different flavors and sizes to suit your mood. To make it easier to roll, you will need to grind the dry marijuana flowers using a grinder or your fingers. You can then place the ground flowers on the paper then roll it up, and that’s it, you can light up and enjoy!

A spliff actually looks and works pretty much like a joint. The main difference is that with a spliff, there is added tobacco. Spliffs are not so popular in Canada; they are more of a European trend. To roll a good spliff, you will need to grind your weed and place it on the rolling paper or the rolling paper alternative you choose. Top the weed up with some tobacco, then roll up and enjoy. Try to use high-quality tobacco like weed dispensary to achieve high-quality spliff.

Why are spliffs better than joints?

  • Spliffs burn longer and better than joints because they have a slow and steady burn. If you’re looking to have an extended sit-down smoke session with some buddies, go for a spliff!
  • The infusion of weed and tobacco induces a greater high with a greater buzz. This is the reason why European smokers prefer it.
  • The bit of tobacco in spliffs can considerably reduce the peculiar smell of the weed. It’s a great choice for smoking conspicuously.

Having said that, joints are ideal for smokers who keep their cannabis handy. Rolling a joint is much easier and quicker and lose rolling papers are available in various shops and online. At the end of the day, both spliffs and joints will get you high. Whether you go with a spliff or a joint will depend on your personal preference and the event that you’re rolling it up for.

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