A report from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission shows that there were 67,448 workplace discrimination cases last year. Employee discrimination is among the illegal business practices that the law takes seriously.

Due to fear of losing their income, most people avoid reporting employers for discrimination. Yet, what most don’t know is that it’s illegal to ignore such complaints from an employee.

If you witness any discrimination at work, you have the legal right to take action. Silence creates a pathway for more discrimination. Who knows? You might be the next victim.

Take the following steps in case you witness discrimination at work.

  1. Report to a Supervisor

In any workplace, there is some sort of hierarchy. So, it’s wise to observe protocol when reporting a sensitive case. As the discrimination witness, report it to your immediate supervisor.

However, this becomes tricky when your supervisor is part of the problem. If this is the case, report to their superior.

Make your complaint in writing and send it via email before setting a meeting with them. This will provide evidence that you indeed let management aware of the situation.

  1. See the Human Resource Manager

When reporting an employer for discrimination, it’s wise to see the HR manager. They will guide you on how to go about the case. In most cases, they will launch an investigation to ascertain that your claims at true.

Besides, it gives you discrimination witness protection. At whistleblowerinfocenter.com, you will find more details of the legal rights of a witness. Remember to make the complaint in writing to strengthen your claim.

  1. Be Aware of Retaliation

Some companies work hard at silencing whistleblowers to protect their image. When you face retaliation, it’s advisable to let the company know.

Making them aware of their retaliation helps make things easier for your lawyer. Retaliation is illegal, and the company will have more to answer for. Be keen on having backup from other employees and legal aid.

  1. Keep a Neat Record

When reporting employer for discrimination, you risk becoming a target yourself. The company might poke holes at your story in a bid to protect its image. Thus, it’s important to keep a neat record of what you saw.

Make notes of all harassing incidents that support your claim. These notes will help you remember the details even when everyone is convincing you otherwise.

  1. Avoid Quitting

The whole situation can be strenuous, especially when you are fighting your superiors. Therefore, most whistleblowers end up quitting their jobs. This only makes it difficult to win the lawsuit.

You are likely to get more legal protection under employee rights. Work on strengthening your claim by sourcing similar incidences from colleagues. When you work as a collective, the company will have no choice but to settle the matter.

Employee Discrimination

Most employees find themselves clueless when they witness employee discrimination at work. Following the above steps will make sure that the perpetrator faces the law.

Besides, you will have witness protection rights throughout the lawsuit. It’s unwise to quit due to the harsh conditions of the case. Only do so after you win the lawsuit.

Check out this website to know more about workplace rights.

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