What Snacks to take on picnic?


Planning a picnic is both fun and surprising. Whether it be summertime or winter chills, both times can have planned or even unplanned picnics. Families, that are most fond of the whole idea of picnic spend a lot of time planning and strife for getting things right.

Everybody on the picnic is looking forward to the snacks for Pro-Direct that their mom or spouse packed either home cooked or bakery fresh. When choosing snacks for the picnic, the list of available options is some time very long. But the whole point is to choose the easiest and the best.

The main picnic plan is laid down and it incorporates easy to make or purchase snacks that have enough nutritional value and can provide a balanced diet rich in vitamins, carbs or proteins.

Following are some recommendations that can help you to plan your best picnic of the season with your loved ones.



Simply put, picnic is not a picnic if there are no sandwiches involved.

Sandwiches can help prepare the mood for further snacking and they are easily prepared and are more of a game just like the grilling games, both fun and inspiring.

The recommendations in sandwiches department include:

-tomato basil and artichoke sandwich

Much green balanced with the red ripeness of tomatoes; these sandwiches are must haves on the picnic.

-Egg sandwich

Pretty basic, but everybody likes egg sandwiches. You must have to be psychopath to not like egg sandwiches on picnics. Coupled with some dipping of Greek yogurt or mustard, egg sandwiches can make your day.

-Vegan Club Sandwich Grilled

Grilling games remind us of the grilled capability for both veggies and meats. For the vegans on picnics, vegan club sandwiches can pretty much encompass every veggie they have in mind with multiple breads.


Next in line are the wraps. Slightly new trend in the picnic domain but nonetheless, awesome addition to overall menu and variety.

-Avocado summer rolls

Summer is incomplete without avocadoes, and they are good for almost everything in your body. At the same time, they can be delicious in wraps coupled with coconut-dipping become marvelous.

– Grilled wraps

Grilling games also remind us of grill wraps such as shawarmas. They can be a bit greasy, but they sure can provide the grilled experience to the ones searching for that greasy, smokey and meaty taste.

– Veggie rolls

Again, for the vegans, the best choice in wraps is to include vegan roles with multiple dipping’s in to picnic snacks that can spice things up in the brunch.


Hopefully, you will not forget to plan your salad on the picnic as it can be the ultimate appetizer and side meal for the diet conscious. Salads come in all shapes and sizes, also they are easy to prepare on a whim.

-pasta salad

Combine pasta with veggies and sauces, and voila. You have your self a salad worth devouring on the picnic matt.

-tomato salad

Never say no to tomatoes, they are the ripeness of the nature and can compliment almost every snack they come in contact with. Tomato salad with basil and some grains can make the tummy regain its balance after all the sandwiches and wraps.

-fruit and veggie salad

Best salad ever!!!

Loveable sweet fruits with green veggies and sauce can be the ultimate closer on the sunny bright brunch during picnic.


-homemade brownies

Focus on homemade as they are the best of their kind.

-egg butter cookies

Easy to bake and first to end on the dessert menu because they are rich with the creaminess of butter and riches of egg.

-Chocolate bread

Easily baked and can last longer if the temperature goes from pleasant to not so pleasant.


-coconut and pineapple cooler

Start with this as it can have a soothing effect and can get things started.

-iced mint tea with blue berry

Best combination ever and a must have for adults on picnics, they absolutely love it.

-Hot chocolate

Especially when temperature start giving you chills in fall winter or early spring.


Snacks are the soul of picnics apart from social bonding and loving experiences that remain in pleasant memories for a long time.

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