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The need for transcription among businesses is rapidly increasing. Despite the enhancement of technology, trained transcribers are still needed in several industries to help with transcription. Technology has made it possible to easily and quickly create audio and video f recordings. Transcription entails converting the audio or video files to text. Transcribers can offer general transcription aid or specialize in specific such as legal or medical transcription. A transcriber should have experience in the field they wish to specialize in because they are likely to encounter terminology that is specific to the sector.

Businesses that Require Transcription

Different organizations may require transcription for different purposes. Outlined below is a list of typical transcription clients and the reasons why they seek transcription:

The Legal Profession

Law firms, lawyers, paralegals, court reporters and other professionals in the legal industry require transcription for different reasons. It might be the transcription of audio or video evidence files, witness statements or court hearings. Transcription of these activities makes them easily accessible to other colleagues, including juries and judges. Moreover, playing a transcript of footage that is played in court minimizes misinterpretation and brings about common understanding.

Healthcare Providers

Documentation of one’s medical history is essential in the field of medicine. It is required that patient information be recorded in the patient’s file for future reference and tracking of their medical progress. For this reason, medical and healthcare providers need transcription for their day to day operations.

Market Researchers

Market research involves collecting large amounts of data via interviews, vox pops and focus groups. Market researchers can collect this information in bulk, then have it transcribed and organized to create a clear and accurate record of responses from the participants.

Audio and Video Podcasters

Audio and video podcasting has gained popularity in recent days. There are several podcast streaming platforms for listeners to stream their favourite podcasts. However, part of the audience might prefer reading the podcast information rather than listening to or watching it, hence, the need for transcripts.

The Importance of Transcription

Transcription helps businesses and individual clients in a variety of ways, some of the benefits of transcription include:

Eliminates backtracking

It is easy to miss details or phrases when watching a video or to listen to an audio recording. However, a transcript provides accurate details on the speaker and what they said. Hence, no need to backtrack to catch missed details.

Saves time

It can take extended periods to sort and transcribe findings from research interviews and focus groups. Transcription help save time and focus on more important issues by taking up the role of transcribing your content.

It makes possible to search through content

Searching content by use of keywords is not possible with audio or video files. However, once these files are transcribed, typing certain keywords can fetch the exact file making it easy to search and find the content you need.

Why Use a Professional Transcription Company

Many freelance transcribers can execute your transcription servBelow are the reasons why professional transcription companies are your best option.


Professional transcription companies have systems put in place to ensure efficiency. These systems facilitate uploading, transferring, sharing and downloading files. Once a client uploads a job, they can monitor its progress on another interface, saving time. They also ensure transcribers submit their work results within the designated time, avoiding unnecessary delays.


The cost of transcription depends on various factors. Hiring the right transcriber can help you reduce save on the cost. For instance, hiring a full-time transcriber can be costly since you might have to finance their software and data storage needs. On the other hand, a freelance transcriber paid on a project basis can be relatively cheaper.

Data Storage

Professional transcription companies will ensure that your files are protected. Their data storage systems are designed to protect client confidentiality, keeping your files safe even when hitches are in your online servers.


Transcription content can consist of terms that require a high level of knowledge in the given industry to comprehend. Professional transcribers have experience in various fields hence familiar with complex terminologies used. Therefore, experienced professional transcribers that specialize in certain industries can deliver quality transcribes. Professional transcription services will generally provide quality and accurate transcripts.

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