What You Need To Know About Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses are one of the greatest joys for online gambling enthusiasts. The choice is huge, the rewards are often impressive and the temptations great. Promotions and bonuses are an important element in online casinos and deserve a close look …

The variety of information on casino bonuses on the net is now almost overwhelming. New sources of information and expert opinions are added every day. When claiming bonus deals, it is always not that straightforward to figure out where the important points are.

Deposit or no deposit bonus offers – which is better?

A new EU directive was issued only recently, which should lead to more protection for online payments. It is still important to exercise caution in financial transactions on the Internet, especially in online casinos. The security and the potential problems in virtual payment transactions are an often-cited argument that can speak in favor of bonuses on judi online slot without necessary deposits.

However, experienced casino players usually do not necessarily want to play online casino games for free in the long term. They are likely to start playing real money anyway. It usually makes sense to deal with online payments and the gaming platform’s necessary seriousness and security before claiming the first bonus, instead of using free one’s Focus bonuses.

But are there arguments in favor of using so-called no deposit bonuses and of course, VIP promotions in online casino Qatar also have their advantages:

  • The game can be started immediately without having to wait for the deposit to be received.
  • There is no risk in use, as you don’t need to provide your money.
  • You can get a good picture of the casino, completely risk-free and with no obligations.

Arguments in favor of using bonus counter these positive aspects. Promotions with a deposit, such as welcome bonuses or reload bonuses:

  • More attractive and higher quality promotions.
  • Often easier to meet sales targets.
  • More choice in the offers.
  • Realistic game with full tension factor through your money stake.

There is, therefore, no clear favorite among the bonus offers. Details of an offer determine how recommendable a bonus is – regardless of whether it is a promotion with or without a deposit requirement.

The Bonus Terms Make the Difference

As mentioned earlier, casino bonus offers are mostly about the details. The key to success (or even failure) is buried in the bonus conditions that belong to an offer.

Therefore we want to take a closer look at the most important points of the casino bonus conditions.

Wagering requirements

The core element of the bonus conditions is the turnover requirements set out therein. They indicate how often the bonus amount received must be used as a stake in the casino games like roulette and blackjack before you can request a payout of the winnings. In certain situations, the wagering conditions often apply to the total number deposit and incentive balance.

Typically, the sales requirements are around 30 to 40 times the throughput. With $ 100 bonus money and 30 times the turnover, you have to wager a total of $ 3,000 in the casino’s games before the bonus is considered cleared.

Bonus period

The casino grants a certain period of time for the wagering requirements (often 14 or 30 days) in which the requirements must be met. The incentive and the winnings won with the bonuses to date are forfeited if you neglect to do this.

Restrictions on games

In the case of casino bonus offers, it is common practice to restrict the permitted games or a restricted valuation of the stake contributions when fulfilling the play-through conditions. If certain games are excluded, they may generally not be played while the bonus is active.

Much more often, however, the restriction of the valuation of the stake amounts comes into play. This means that only stakes on certain games are fully counted towards the fulfillment of sales when using the bonus offer. On the other hand, for other games, a certain percentage is given, in the amount of which the stakes on these games are rated.

These percentages are often around 10-20% for table games, while slot machines are typically 100% of games. These percentages can be confusing and make it difficult to calculate the required stake. Online percentage calculators are an ideal aid.

Limits of stakes

The bet size per game or spin is limited for most bonus offers. As a rule, the maximum stake allowed is limited to $ 5 per round. If you bet more, the bonus can be declared invalid.

Restrictions on payment methods

Some casino sites also restrict the choice of payment methods if you want to take advantage of bonus offers. If there are excepted means of payment, these are explicitly listed in the bonus conditions and may not be used if you want to activate a bonus.

In addition to these five main factors that must be considered when evaluating the bonus conditions, the casino can also make other small specifications that must be regarded when redeeming an offer. So before claiming a promotion, please read through all the specifics of the incentive terms and conditions carefully!

Free spins as casino bonus

We now want to take a closer look at one type of casino bonus, the free spins. They represent one of the most common bonus variants in online gambling halls and are particularly popular with new players.

Free spins are mostly issued for certain slots and enable free game rounds in real money mode. You can thus win real money games, while the stakes of the spins are not deducted from your account.

With these offers, you should pay particular attention to the following three points: 1. Bonus period: Free spins are often only valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours. Usually, wagering requirements are placed on the winnings obtained in these spins.

The amount of winnings that can be earned from the free spins is usually limited, especially if you have received the free spins without making a deposit. Free spins are an excellent way to get to know a new casino site, especially if they are issued without a deposit. However, as a principle, they don’t contribute to great resources.

Regardless of whether it’s free spins or bonus money, with a few basics and some background knowledge, nothing stands in the way of successfully using a casino bonus!

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