How to choose the best coach training programs in Singapore

Training is a part of life. Some love to train their bodies for physical training, and some love to train their minds for academic training. Training is a part of life that is not easily diverted. Within our work forces, there is a need for the management of projects. Just like in life, one cannot manage well without having been trained.

At Velociteach, we offer classes on project management. We understand that in-person classes can be hard to participate in these days. Because of this, we have classes that are available online as well as in person. Our website allows you to find a place near you where you could participate in classes in person should that be a desire of yours.

We’re glad that you’ve found us!

Read on to learn Velociteach looks like. We will go over the history of our company, the onsite training that we offer, and the classes that we have available to you.

What Is Project Management

The need to know why project management is important is just as vital as what it is. At Velociteach, we offer a course that shares the foundational aspects of what project management is.

There are three main topics that are discussed in the course on what project management is. They are the purpose of understanding tasks, skills, and expected interactions in the role of a project manager.

One of the lessons learned within the course is how to be able to keep your knowledge on what is project management and what is management for other aspects of your workplace that are not within your realm of expertise. This is an important lesson to know as it dictates your ability to work and delegate healthily within your work environment.

Why You Need To Know About Project Management

Life has an unpredictable streak to it. The ability to balance life and work is a skill that everyone knows about but few know how to discipline for.

Our founder created Velociteach under the idea that continuous improvement reaps more quality. He took this belief and translated it into all of the teachings that our program offers. Because we believe in the purpose of improvement, regardless of the circumstance, we are able to encourage our managers to manage their workspaces with encouragement and growth. A work space that is able to grow in the midst of hardship is a workspace that is successful.

Being able to continue to encourage those in a project with words of affirmation allows the people involved to encourage those around them and to move the project along in purpose and success.

Our courses cover how best to work in a group with your project by offering onsite group training. When our project managers are able to encourage working well in a group, those in the group are able to work well.

Group Training

There is a learning curve that we all have. Some learn by writing. Some learn by talking. Some learn by doing. At Velociteach, we take the latter and have created a program for the PMP exam that is specific to the needs of project management and equally encourages group exercises.

In addition to group training that has its roots in a public matter, we do offer a group training that is private. This is to help utilise the belief that context is important. We have custom programs that we are able to offer to the need that you have for your employees. Below are some examples that our group trainings have to offer:

  • Understand Project Management best practices
  • Prepping for an exam or
  • Maintaining certification

Any type of training is important. Life bends to unpredictability and knowing what’s coming isn’t always the answer. However, what is most helpful is the fact that there is training in the midst of it.

The needs within the workplace are seemingly countless. To be able to know what is needed and how to approach it is a vital part of managing a task force.

What you need to know about project management training is that it is vast, it is applicable, and it is available to you. To be able to offer your workplace a knowledge of the work is important but to be able to offer a mind that is trained and ready to manage what may happen is foundational to growth and that is a consistent need.

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